Love, Food, Friendship And Life!

A Big Hello To My Friends…

How have you all been? Have you seen me lately?! I am tanned! Hit the sand and the sun. Glowing like the tiara that Princess Kate wore on her wedding day! Well, not quite. You know that I exaggerate a bit, right?

Send Tulip Day Greetings!
Send Tulip Day Greetings!
Tulip Day [May 13]

Let’s roll a year back and I’ll tell you why this day is special to me. Megan texted me that we meet up and I called Aaliyah, who readily agreed to be there. I had to pass the florist on my way, and the elderly lady there, Mrs. Wilson gave me a shout, “Bob, today’s Tulip Day, give a bunch to your sweet girl.” Yes, she calls Aaliyah that. Meggy was in a foul mood. She had her coffee black and nibbled on the muffins. I settled on the couch with a soda. “Bob, I don’t know if I am right or wrong… But something is bothering me.” She said. “What’s up, sweetheart? What’s eating you? You know you can tell me, I’m your good ol’ Bob, ain’t I?” I smiled. “Are you?” she raised her eyes. “What?” I looked confused. “Are you my good ol’ Bob or are you Aaliyah’s boyfriend, who is not the same? Or is it me who is imagining things?” She blurted out. I just sat in silence. “I mean, Bob, these days all you talk about is Aaliayah! It’s always Aaliyah did that, Aaliyah does that! Aaliyah, Aaliyah…” She raised her voice.

“Hey Meggy!” Aaliyah made her grand entrance. I closed my eyes. Why don’t I have powers to go invisible when I wish. “So here you guys are. He meets you more than he meets me, you know that! I am supposed to be his girlfriend, right? All he does all day is talk about you, Meggy did that, Meggy did this, Meggy is so damn sweet, Meggy, Meggy, Meggy… All day!” Aaliyah said with a smile. Silence. Megan smiled. Aaliyah smiled. I gave a handful of Tulip stalks to Meggy and a handful to Aaliyah. What would I do without these two?! A friend and a girlfriend who care. Love my life.

Graduation [May-Jun]

I woke up to something burning somewhere. I thought my pad was on fire. Then, I realized Kate’s in the house and is donning her apron to amuse Jack, who graduated with flying colors. She has been at it all day that I caught a power nap on the couch. She had the fudge ready. When there is food, Steve shouldn’t be far behind. So he was. And King Kong too.

When the platter was served, Kong gave the verdict before tasting it. He wandered off to the far corner of the room as if sniffing out for drugs at an airport. He knows how to excuse himself when there is an imminent danger. I took the cue and answered the phone that never rang and made my way to the porch.

Exactly a minute later, I could hear screams and coughs from inside. There were shrieks and fist fights. Kate has done it again! Jack graduated, but Kate would never graduate to be a decent cook… Ever!

Send Graduation Greetings!
Send Graduation Greetings!

Send Birthday Greetings!
Send Birthday Greetings!
Happy Birthday Poem

For Megan’s birthday, I thought I would write a few lines in her Facebook page. Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Megan,

The only thing constant in life is… Your age. You are 18 forever… Never told anyone otherwise. You are not over the hill yet, neither are you in your teens, you are in the best place a lady can be… In your babbling, cute-smiling, jus’ born phase! Jokes apart, Meggy, birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to have more coffee with me! Meet me at 7. Happy Birthday!



In Her Arms

I slept with a smile. In her arms. Aaliyah’s. Long day, hard day, bad mood, foul mood, bad news, sad news, and even for common cold… There is only one cure. A few minutes in the arms of the person you love the most. She doesn’t lift a finger, doesn’t utter a word, jus’ holds me close. When in doubt, ask your sweetheart. When in trouble, hold her hand. They know us better than we know about us, ourselves.

Here’s a moment of Zen for you guys, “We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.”

Send Love Greetings!
Send Love Greetings!



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  1. B. Once again, I do love hearing what Eleanor has to say in “Kisses of Love.” She is so wise and wonderful. Her thoughts of mature love ring true. Sending you kisses for that piece. L.

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