Love Is In The Air from Editor Bob

How’s it going?

Have you filed your tax forms yet? Don’t forget Tax Day is on the 15th! I’m glad I have Megan to help me on that. She’s a real math wiz. Plus she’s a lot more organized than I am so she almost always bails me out of my tax chaos.

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  Things We Do for Love

Megan has more free time on her hand these days. She’s been cleaning up clutter and making space for her painting. She’s also on a rampage with her experimental cooking. Yes, folks, she’s at it AGAIN! Apparently Seth’s parents invited her for a Passover dinner. She wanted to make an impression on the parents. It’s a big deal for her since this is the first time she’s meeting them. I think it’s also the first time she’s traveling out of town with Seth too. Things we do for love right?

Ask me who is her favorite guinea pig? Moi, of course! I have limited will power when it comes to refusing food as it is. Plus I owe her because of all the stuff she does for me so, I have to put up with it. Megan doesn’t really talk about Seth much. I’m really thankful for that because I don’t think I can deal with a second Kate! She tends to me a more private person as it is and we haven’t really seen Seth. Come to think of it, I think I’m the only person who has met him–that, too because Seth is Kong’s vet. I’m just glad Megan’s taking things a bit easy and in stride. “I’m worried about getting another job and all, but Seth’s been really supportive,” Megan confided. “I mean, now I have some time to paint and sketch… things I never had time for before.” Isn’t she just great?


Kong doesn’t have to visit Seth much either. He’s a healthy, happy dog. We’re becoming regulars at the hospital and both the nurses and patients look forward to his visit. Plus Laura and I usually go out for coffee when she’s on her break. I met Tim, Laura’s son last weekend. I brought Kong along with me at Laura’s suggestion. (For those of you who missed my last newsletter, Tim is autistic.) At first Tim didn’t pay attention to us. I kept my distance because I’m a stranger to him. Laura said he doesn’t like human contact and it takes a while for him to warm up to someone. He kept solving puzzles–and boy is he fast! He’d look at a puzzle box and put together pieces without looking at the box cover ever again. He didn’t even start with the edges! I watched him go through several boxes at one go.

Then Kong got bored of lying down and came over to sniff me, maybe to tell me he wanted to go home. Kong is such a big kid sometimes. Tim saw Kong and started to take notice–he stopped his puzzles and stared at the corner in Kong’s direction. At this point, Laura put her hand on Kong and said, “Tim, do you want to pet Kong?” “Kooong,” replied Tim. It was the first time I heard him speak. Laura was smiling, teary-eyed. It’s rare for Tim to speak. All of a sudden, as if by instinct, Kong went near Tim. Tim was sitting down so Kong’s big snout was right next to his face. Tim kept looking at the corner but he was feeling Kong’s breath on his neck. I think he was almost smiling. It’s amazing how you can get a reaction out of someone because of a pet.

After a while, Kong got tired of standing and sat next to Tim. His snout was still reaching Tim’s tiny head. Then Tim reached out slowly, and put his hand on Kong. All this time, Laura also kept petting Kong. Tim started petting Kong gently and said, “Kooong” again. Laura was giggling and almost in tears, “I guess Kong is going to visit often,” she said in a tone that was half stating and half asking. “Of course he can,” I replied looking into Laura’s eyes. My head was lighter than usual…

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  Thomas Jefferson Day [Apr 13]

Rachel and I were helping Mrs. Bradley clear out her garden the other day and without any warning Rachel said, “You know, Thomas Jefferson was into gardening.” I almost didn’t catch it because I thought she was talking to herself. Mrs. Bradley didn’t hear and asked, “What did you say, dear?” “Oh, I’ve been reading about Thomas Jefferson; he was into gardening. People talk about him as the third President of the United States and about being a founder of the country but they never talk about the little stuff he did,” Rachel clarified herself. If you ask me, I think she’s growing up too fast!

Mrs. Bradley smiled and said, “Why, that’s very true, Rachel. How come you have a sudden interest in history and Thomas Jefferson in particular?” “Thomas Jefferson Day is coming up. It’s part of my social studies class. We’re also learning about what happened during the time when he was alive trying to set up the country,” Rachel said. “What do you think of him?” “I think he was really cool. I mean, he did everything, wrote most of the Constitution, became an ambassador, then Secretary of State, then became the Vice-President, and President. I think it’s really awesome that one person can do all that stuff, don’t you?” Mrs. Bradley started giggling, “Yes, I think so, too.” I’m so proud of Rachel, she’s doing really well in school and she’s such a bookworm. Every new fact she learns she shares with everyone. I’m really proud to be her uncle.

Steve’s Special Friendship

Spring can really do wonders to relationships. Our friend Steve now has another huge crush. He wanted me to thank you guys who emailed us with all your encouragement. He went to a wireless conference and met a girl as geeky as he is. FINALLY! Someone who can understand his trekkie lingo, his high tech talk, and his 24th century buzzwords. She flew out from UCLA for the conference. She’s one of those super smart types, ya know? Steve was really happy when he saw me.

“We talked for hours after the conference,” said Steve in one breath. Come to think of it, he seems to have stopped breathing entirely. He told me about how they really connected and how she knew about all the techno/indy bands he listens to. They talked about tech stuff, emerging technologies and ways to improve the existing stuff–and please don’t ask me for details, I have enough of a hard time deciphering Steve. I think I rather hear Kate talk about Jeffrey than Steve about his geeky special friend!

Anyways, stay tuned for next week’s episode of misadventures. I’ll keep you posted on how Laura and I are doing… But let me leave you with this Zen quote from Jefferson, “An injured friend is the bitterest of foes,” try not to injure your friends and take good care of them. I’m sure they’ll be there for you when you need a hand or a shoulder to cry on.

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Editor, 123Greetings

9 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air from Editor Bob

  1. Dear Bob, I have been reading your blogs in the last 2 months. I didn’t bother to read it whenever I receive your blogs in the past, then one day I decided to read it, it was about 2 months ago, now I am looking forward to read your future blogs each week.

    I like to thank you for not giving up emailing me your blogs. Your story is always interesting.


  2. hey bob,

    i just thourghly enjoy your emails,blogs and whatever else i can receive from you they keep a smile and joyful heart over here and i feel like i am a part of you all’s family cause you all are part of mine i don’t have. all my family is in heaven and didn’t get to see MiaBella Candle’s so keep up the great work and if i don’t hear from you i will know something has happened to you.
    love you all
    mattie from mississippi

  3. Dearest Editor Bob,
    I love 123 Greetings, the site is simple and by that I mean even a non-techy can navigate easily through the site. Creative, fun, unique, has a great variety of cards and I could go on and on but I will stop. Thank you Editor Bob and the staff at 123 Greetings. I think you guys are wonderful. I also recommend your site to everyone I know. I cannot say it enough but you are wonderful! I too like the sign off of peace, I tend to use that word or Shalom (and I am not your “traditional” looking Jewish person).

  4. Like Sally, I never bother to read your blogs each time I receive them. But sometime last week,I just did. Guess what? I love reading them, read all the past ones too! Thanks Bob.

  5. Hi,i just love 2 read ur stories as they r just too simple,sweet and lovely filled with all the emotions and tragedies.Bob i just wanted to ask that are these stories real or are they just a piece of your imagination?I also wanted to ask that can i get this story from start to end.Plz if you can then send me all the editions from the start to end.

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