Make Merry!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

How does a world without problems sound to you?


Nah! It’s unremarkable. That’s the fact. Life is full of problems and the ones we solve is where we find happiness. That’s my theory. If we understand that then every challenge is a puzzle, when solved will lead to happiness. With that thought for the day aside, let’s get to business of the day. Hop on and enjoy the stories as they unfold.

Groundhog Day[Feb 2]

Groundhog is out of its burrow and so is the happiness. Perfect day for an outing, for the groundhog and Steve.

Friend Day 2016 [Feb 7]

Send ‘Send a Card to a Friend Day’ Greetings!

Send ‘Send a Card to a Friend Day’ Greetings!


Send Love Greetings!

Send Love Greetings!


Send Inspirational Greetings!

Send Inspirational Greetings!

He hasn’t left his burrow for quite a while and he loves to take a stroll. Being the geek he is, he is always cocooned in his gadget freak room, all day and night. And onGroundhog Day he makes an exception.

Anything positive that happens, breeds positive emotions. Steve is no exception to the rule.

Maybe you should too, once in a while, come out of your concrete forests in pursuit to money and watch a groundhog come out of its burrow.

It may, in all probability will, make you smile!

Send a Card to a Friend Day[Jan 27]

Friends are aplenty and the day has only 24 hours. I wish there were more friends and a lot more time. Once in a while I call. Once in a while I text. Once in a while I mail. But the pleasure is most when I send a card to a friend.

It works like a charm. See, the mails, calls and texts are all good. But there is something about sending a greeting card. Unlike others, greeting cards are meant to bring a smile. The receiver doesn’t have any other choice but to feel good.

It is a sure shot winner when it comes to being in touch with your friends.

I use it from time to time. Do you?


Just a greeting card wouldn’t suffice there! You got to send two of them. Yes, that’s what I do.

I send a romantic card that is quite emotional in content and then another that is playful like a kiss card or a funny, light love greeting card.

Your loved one always wants more and that’s not wrong. Give her or him the best gift ever – your effort in making them happy. They will appreciate it.

I do it. If you haven’t, start today.


Boredom is the absence of purpose. Be purposeful. Whatever you do, make sure you have a goal in mind. Don’t do anything for a reason. Nothing much in this world will happen for good unless and until there are goals set and target hit.

Same goes for the individual’s happiness too. Set goals that can be met. Strive Hard. Focus. And then achieve it. Enjoy that success to the hilt. You earned it.

Take care,

Editor Bob.

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