Miracle Wall Calendar For 2017!

Wall Calendar 2017

Caught up in the mundane life where moods oscillate with the weather. We all need an anchor. Something which can give us a hope, a smile and a reason to be glad for every day.

For past two decades 123greetings.com has been a part of your good days. Now, we realize the need of reaching out kinesthetically. We have launched this miracle wall calendar for the year 2017 with quirky and exciting global events and holidays earmarked for each day.

We hope to give you reasons to look forward to the day and be the best version of you wherever you are and whatever you do.

It gives a unique reason every day to plan something special and take out that ‘me’ time or ‘we’ moments. It can assist a writer to write, a marketer to set trends, an artist to create art, a student to plan an activity, a family to plan holidays or meals, a friend to find the perfect reason to reach out to others and the list is endless.



Give yourselves the gift of joy. Grab a copy of the wall calendar for 2017 now and be the first to know about the global events and holidays in the world all year round.

See you in the comments.

Upcoming Events!

September 22 – December 20
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Black Friday,
November 25
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November 24
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