Life Is Within The Purview Of The Preview In Your Mind!


November is the month of review and preview, isn’t it?  While my writer buddies are thrilled about the National Novel Writing Month, November with  #NaNoWriMo trending, the readers are excited about absorbing the yearlong learning and create a perfect life-script based upon their experiences of the past year. It’s a month of Thanksgiving and many of my friends are busy preparing for the perfect family gatherings with gladness in their hearts. The holiday season is upon us and Autumn is retreating slowly adding on to the wintry chill in the air.

What is the extent of what we can achieve in the year 2017, have you ever wondered? In retrospect, it dawns on me that the range of our reach depends on the capacity of our vision.

So, if you think you are an achiever and you deserve, your dreams manifest and life becomes magical. You look at the world and your tomorrow with rose-tinted glasses. Whereas if you are the type who usually finds yourself down in the dumps then, that, my dear friend becomes your reality. The good news is, it is in our hands. Isn’t it relieving that the power is with us and not out there with somebody or nobody?

Bitter truth but we need the reminder for a better life. Keeping this in mind we are coming up with a unique calendar for 2017 which will give you reasons to be glad and cheerful every single day and keep you in the state of believing and achieving.


The coming week celebrates the Veterans Day and US Marine Corps Day. Sunday is a day to fill up your good deed log book as it is the World Kindness Day which is followed by the ever romantic Full Moon Day.

Cheers! Enjoy the week and expand the purview of your life to refine the preview of the coming year.

See you in the comments.

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Veterans Day,
November 11
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World Kindness Day,
November 13
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November 24
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