My Dad, My First Friend–Happy Father’s Day!

A Big Hello To All My Good Friends,

What my dad means to me? How did I sneak a kiss from Aaliyah? And many more juicy gossips and revelations galore down below… Care to take a peek?

Send Father’s Day Greetings!
Send Father’s Day Greetings!
Father’s Day[Jun 19]

I and my ol’ man aren’t really pals. We don’t talk that much. Mom relays messages back and forth. That’s how our relationship is. But he makes it a point to call me at all the wrong times. Whenever he calls me I am in some problem or another. He has a sixth sense for it, I guess. It’s awkward to open up to him, but he pries things out of me, by staying silent at the other end of the telephone. I can’t hang up on, neither can I tell him, “It’s too personal.” I end up telling him everything. He jus’ listens. He doesn’t say anything. At least till I am finished with my blah, blah. Once I am done, he gently or strictly, given the scenario, tells me what to do and/or what not to do. It works. All the time.

Now, when I think about it, he has always been there for me. May be he is not the kind of person, whom I would take to games or a movie, but he is a father who always looks out for me. I miss him today–on Father’s Day. I will sure send him a card and a wish from the heart.

Sneak A Kiss Day[Jun 15]

Aaliyah was angry. And when she is, her eyes grow wide and her nostrils flare. She looks like a weapon of mass destruction, hot on the button. That’s when I decided, words wouldn’t do the trick. I pulled her close and planted a kiss on her lips. She wriggled away and shouted… “Don’t you dare, Bob, don’t you dare! I don’t want your kiss!”

I kept my voice low and hush, jus’ the way she likes it, looked into her eyes and said, “Okay, sweetheart, if you don’t want it, give it back!” “Wha…” she stopped what she was saying… Locked her eyes in mine and pulled me by the neck and kissed my cheek. I sneaked a peck on Sneak a Kiss Day. And that day I will always remember.

Send Sneak a Kiss Day Greetings!
Send Sneak a Kiss Day Greetings!

Send Stay in Touch Greetings!
Send Stay in Touch Greetings!
Stay In Touch

It was at an office party that I saw him. He looked quite dapper in his suit and was all smiles chattering with who’s who. I knew him, but I didn’t remember. It was awkward really as I was stealing glances. And then he noticed. He came around with his Ivy League looks and gave me a whack on the back. I was stunned. He asked, “You don’t recognize me, do you Bob?” I managed to nod. “It’s Martin, you dumb $%@.” he said.

Cobwebs cleared and I remembered. Buddy from school. I always liked him. People drift, but it was such a pleasant surprise to have him back. In the world of Facebook and Twitter, it’s not tough to search someone and there is always a greeting card to send a smile or stay in touch. I made a note.


“I remember the day, I smiled whole heartedly. Like, I have never done before. I remember the moment, I knew in my heart, that I found my soul mate. I remember the minute, when I decided, my happiness doesn’t matter. The moment… You walked into my life. And that day is today. Happy Anniversary, Bob!”-Aaliyah

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Send Anniversary Greetings!
Send Anniversary Greetings!

Until next week…

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. B. Yes, I would give happiness to you. Within all the replies I have sent you over the years-I hope that I did some what. You have given me much hope and happiness over these past years. thank you, with love, L.

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