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A Big Hello To My Good Friends,

Friendship, love, family and a lot more. Quite an interesting week ahead and I am going to let you in, on the fun… Tag along…

Send Best Friends Day Greetings!
Send Best Friends Day Greetings!
Best Friends Day[Jun 8]

We were at Steve’s place last year on Best Friends Day. When the clock struck midnight, we opened the champagne and at around 1 a.m. we came out with our biographies. Steve, myself, Aaliyah, Debby, Kate, Rick and Megan along with Kong were there. There were funny anecdotes and sweet memories shared, heartwarming stories exchanged, fun moments and a night to remember. The poignant moment of the evening was when each of us slowly opened up about the scars that we have. The tough moments in our life that we never shared with anyone, came tumbling out one after another. We suddenly found ourselves to be quite good listeners and it was a proud moment for us as we could implicitly trust everyone out there with our secrets and felt light at heart as a result of that. Friendship is not all about partying, but it is more about sharing. An individual who doesn’t judge, doesn’t carry a grudge, doesn’t praise you on the face, doesn’t move until you break your façade and cry your heart out is called a friend. I am lucky that I have almost half a dozen of them. Days like these make life worth living.

Profess Your Love Day[Jun 9]

This one’s for Aaliyah on Profess Your Love Day…
You walked into my life… And took residence in my soul.
You warm my heart… With all that you do and all that you say!
I will tell you this… From the bottom of my heart…
You mean everything to me… You are everything to me…
I will forever keep loving you.

Words fail me sometimes when I think about you…
Even heart skips a beat, my eyes wander for no reason,
but all are at peace, when you hold my hands in yours.
I love you, Aaliyah.

Send Profess Your Love Day Greetings!
Send Profess Your Love Day Greetings!

Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!

I texted my mom this, “Have you received a hug lately, mom?” My mom replied back, “Of course, yes. Your dad gives his routine hug and there is always your aunt, Michelle. Why, Bob?” “That’s ‘coz mom, I haven’t had one lately!” I texted. Two minutes of silence and the phone rang. She didn’t mention the texts, but the conversation was for a full half an hour. When she was done, she said, “Bob, I love you! And you better visit me this weekend. Don’t forget Steve. Tell him it’s gonna be a seven-course meal!” When you don’t want to be alone and when you feel a bit low, call your mom.


Megan sent a big mail. Steve was shocked first and then texted me saying thanks with a big smiley. Kate mailed me saying she almost fainted, but felt so good. And Aaliyah came over and gave me a warm hug and a romantic kiss. Wondering what I did? Well, there was no celebration, no real reason, but I sent a bunch of flowers to all those mentioned above and the response–priceless! Try it some time!

Okay, now, here is the deal… I have started updating Editor Bob’s Blog every Monday and Thursday. I want you to come around, take a read and make the experience interactive. There are some real interesting things happening in the world and let’s discuss what’s worth. In the meantime, connect with your friends and folks and spread some smiles. If you think you have a creative bone in your body, then check out our studio.

Send Flowers Greetings!
Send Flowers Greetings!

Until next week…

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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