Love Is Where Life Is.

A Big Hello To My Good Friends,

I am going to take you on a roller coaster ride this week. Emotions aplenty and words of love and some romance secrets to get you enlightened. You ready? Hop on.

Send Love Conquers All Day Greetings!
Send Love Conquers All Day Greetings!
Love Conquers All Day[Jun 3]

Aaliyah wanted to visit my good ol’ friend Greg. On the road, our conversation veered towards Greg’s folks who are the model couple in town. Their married life is the stuff of a legend, 40 years and counting. Aaliyah had been to her friend’s yesterday at my expense. She never bothered to check in with me neither did she apologize today. My mood wasn’t exactly pink and so our conversation was quite formal. As usual, she had her version too. She expected me to text her or at least tell her that I missed her. Whatever!

Greg pounced out the door, like Kong on steroids when we entered. He was in high spirits, literally, if you know what I mean. Greg’s parents were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and they were catching each other’s eye as if they were on the first date. Sigh!

Once the dust settled, I and Aaliyah got Greg’s ol’ man aside. He was on fifth shot when I posed the question… “40 years?! How in the world you guys do it?” I managed to ask. His answer was a one liner. “Love is all about reassurance and reciprocation.”

Rose Month[June]

Aaliyah prodded him further, “Tell us more.” “Okay, kids this is how it works. Wedding is not the culmination of love, but jus’ the start of it. Remember, you are two different people waking up together every morning. There are insecurities, questions, jealousy, a lot of anger and irritation. How you cope, adjust and understand your partner, is the trick.

A good morning kiss, bunch of roses, surprise dinner, words of love in the ear and most importantly, knowing when to shut up.” He winked. It’s a constant struggle, but it is worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s easy.” He gave us both a knowing smile.

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Send Rose Month Greetings!

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Send Cute Cards!
Oh! So Cute

Aaliyah’s iphone beeped once. She excused herself and moved to the corner and my eyes followed her. With her back to me she checked the text. Then, she turned around and caught my eyes in a vice like grip. With that contact intact, she walked to me, held my hands softly and hugged me like a woman possessed. The text in her phone read, “Didn’t sleep a wink all night yesterday. Missed you big time. Should have called. Sorry, love.” I had sent it when Greg’s dad uttered those wise words. It worked. She whispered in my ear, “Bob, you are oh! so cute!” I smiled.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Steve had said this on his Facebook wall.

“Of all things I hate, I hate my friends the most. They make me understand all my mistakes, accuse me of all my wrongs and love me when everyone else hates me.”

Well, that’s how friendships are, isn’t it? I can’t think of a world without friends and definitely not one without Steve.

Okay, now, here is the deal… I have started updating Editor Bob’s Blog every Monday and Thursday. I want you to come around, take a read and make the experience interactive. There are some real interesting things happening in the world and let’s discuss what’s worth. In the meantime, connect with your friends and folks and spread some smiles. If you think you have a creative bone in your body, then check out our studio.

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Send Friendship Greetings!

Until next week…

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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