Here’s For The Beautiful Moments This Summer!

A Big Hello To All My Good Friends,

Sunny days are here folks. A great wedding invite from Martin and how I read Kong’s mind. Will tell you all about it here… Wanna tag along?

Send Summer Greetings!
Send Summer Greetings!
Summer[Jun 21 – Sep 22]

Bright sunny days are here. I am waiting to hear the birds chirp and may be get a tan. Nothing like lying in the park, with your girlfriend by the side and watching kids play a ball game. What does summer remind me of? It reminds me of fresh days and colorful trees. It reminds me of long walks with Aaliyah and it reminds of the beaches and hours spent on the sand. If God ever would make an appearance on Earth, it should be during summer. I am not sure about God’s arrival though, but cupid does work his charms on me during this season. Aaliyah, only knows that well. Love is in the air and happiness all around. Summer is the time when the days are long and there is time for everyone and everything. My advice folks… Go out there and feel your bare feet on the grass blade. Nothing beats that. And while at it, smile more.


Here’s Martin’s short and sweet wedding invite:

Three reasons, why I am getting married:

Getting too old for late nights.

Hangover stays till evening.

Shrink is expensive.

So, I’m getting married.

Be there!


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Send Invitations Greetings!

Send Wedding Greetings!
Send Wedding Greetings!

Well, after such an invite, who wouldn’t turn up? The whole gang made its presence felt at Martin’s wedding. He had chosen the ‘white theme’ and everyone looked an angel in white. The décor was white, the cake was white. Everything, I mean everything was white. It was beautiful. A wedding, made in heaven. We enjoyed it to the hilt and Aaliyah caught the bouquet and I started sweating.


If Kong had a choice, he would have divorced me long before. I torture him in the name of tricks. I try to make him talk, I try to make him dance and I try to get him bring me a beer from the refrigerator. Have you ever caught your pet looking at you without saying anything or at least not barking while staring? Do you know, what’s the thought that crosses its mind? “You know, I believe in reincarnation, and Bob! You will pay for this.” Jokes, apart. Kong’s a sweetheart. I wouldn’t know, what I would do without him. He has kept me sane all my life. I love him a lot.

Okay, now, here is the deal… I have started updating Editor Bob’s Blog every Monday and Thursday. I want you to come around, take a read and make the experience interactive. There are some real interesting things happening in the world and let’s discuss what’s worth. In the meantime, connect with your friends and folks and spread some smiles. If you think you have a creative bone in your body, then check out our studio.

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Send Pets Greetings!

Until next week…

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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