Returning To Innocence This Optimism Month

It was a lovely Sunday morning and I was watering the flowers on the balcony with Jane, Kate’s 9-year-old niece. She was here to spend the whole day with us watching good movies and completing her art and craftwork with a little help from Aaliyah.

“The flowers look so beautiful Uncle, Bob!” Expressed Jane. “They do! I’m so happy to finally see the petunia flowers blooming. For once I was worried that they won’t come out this time. Thank God they are out!” I replied.

“Why do adults worry so much even about things that are supposed to bring joy? My mom says I’ll understand it when I grow up. But when I grow up, I would rather get a fresh pot of them and keep on watering with a hope to see them come out this time,” replied Jane.

I was awestruck by her words. Optimism month it is! The time to see everything in a positive and promising light. Her sheer innocence took me back to the lyrics of an old song:

That’s not the beginning of the end

 That’s the return to yourself

 The return to innocence

-Return to Innocence, Enigma 

She was right! Why do we think and behave in this stressful way? Do we mistake growing up as the time to let go of our innocence?

Her words made me realize that when we embrace innocence, we ignore the negative elements that stand in the way of our real happiness. Innocence acts as a filter by preventing stressful thoughts that clog our minds. It helps us to have control over our minds by focusing on blessings and uplifting things. It keeps optimism alive at all times.

“Yes Jane, you are right! That’s how we all should be irrespective of how old we get. Even I will look at things that way!” I expressed.

She smiled and said, “Now let’s watch a movie and eat something. I’m so hungry!”

“Let’s do that!” I expressed and we three had a great Sunday.

Returning to innocence this Optimism month has been a fresh start for me. All thanks to little Jane! Focusing on what is true, worthy, and beautiful has instilled me with more hope and bliss. I’m sure it will be the same for you with that innocence at heart.

Also, share with me a favorite song of yours that takes you back to innocence!

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