Rose Month, Losing The Flab & Prying Privacy

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This week brings us closer to the event of the year – the marriage of Eleanor and Frank! With arrangements at their end reaching a fever pitch, we are all gung-ho about the event. Join us in the excitement…

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Send Rose Month Greetings!
A Rosy Endeavor [June]

The roses are going to be great this year!” That’s what Eleanor told me the other morning when I was standing in front of the stoop and admiring her rose garden. Eleanor has shifted part of her rose garden to a green house that Frank has. They will be married this July. In the previous years, Eleanor had done up the garden herself. This time around Eleanor has Frank for company. Frank has been helping her with the soil and other aspects. Being a natural at these things, Frank is an excellent value-add to Eleanor’s dream of being the owner of an award worthy rose garden.

Kong, who’s the nemesis when it comes to Eleanor’s rose garden, has not thrown himself into the destructive mode this time around. The only time when Kong actually posed a threat was when he was waiting on the sidelines, watching Eleanor and Frank tend to the garden. He looked over the garden like the monarch of all he surveys. Then wagged his tail, as if in appreciation of their efforts and sniffed around a little. Eleanor and Frank were observing the movements of King Kong with a lot of interest. Ultimately Kong thought he might as well let them carry on and made a retreat. Eleanor and Frank heaved a sigh of relief!

Working Yourself Out

Working out has always been a passion choice for Natalie, Steve’s mystery friend. That’s what Steve told me when he walked in to my cubicle the other day. But with the twins and a dog to take care of, Natalie is not left with much energy. Despite that, Natalie’s been going all out to burn calories. Now that is proving to be a spot of bother for Steve. He thinks Natalie is stressing herself out and is headed straight for a burn out.

“It’s insane, Bob,” he complained, “Natalie doesn’t understand that the body can only take this much and not more.” His efforts to get her to bring down her work out schedules have fallen on deaf ears. Natalie is pretty upbeat about losing the flab and fast. I agreed with Steve that this drive could be very demanding on the body in an unhealthy way. As of now, Natalie is pretty kicked about it. Here’s hoping her the best, and also asking her to go slow.

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Maneuvering Movie Dates

Adrian and Cathy have been planning for a movie date for some time now. But they have not been able to make their way to the movie theater hand in hand because of a peculiar problem. They have not been able to decide on what they are going to watch. Though Adrian is a movie buff and can watch anything under the sun, when he’s out with his significant other, he wants to watch some candy floss stuff. Cathy loves her action flicks and wouldn’t compromise on them. This has sparked off a debate between them.

What’s peculiar is that my friends think it should have been the other way round! Kate, for instance, told me, “I know as a matter of fact that girls like to watch these chick flicks when they are out with their man!” Kaitlin thinks so too. But, as they say, every love story is unique in itself. Last heard, they were still trying to come to a conclusion to their dating debate. Irina tried to tell Adrian that he should leave some ground on this because Cathy may just flatly refuse to go if he continued this way. I hope Irina is wrong on this, but chances are getting slim.

Prying Privacy

Donna is feeling the pangs of being the mother of teenage children. The other day Donna looked worried and preoccupied. I caught up with her at the office water cooler. It was clear from her expression that Donna wanted to say a few things but didn’t know where to begin. “Actually, Bob,” she eventually said, “I’m worried about something. But I’m not sure if it’s right that I be worried about it.” Now that was something cryptic, even for a writer! I looked at her, all puzzled. Donna offered to explain and this is a rough summary of what she told me.

Ethan has been writing text messages and chatting late into the night. When Donna wanted to know what exactly he was doing, Ethan made it into a privacy issue. Donna doesn’t know how to cope with this now. On one hand Donna feels that her son has a right to his privacy, but at the same time Donna’s worried about his safety. “The last thing I want on my hands is a spoiled brat for a son!” Donna blurted out. Now friends, this is a rather ambiguous situation. Donna may be right on this, but she could be wrong on this as well. Only time will tell us what it is.

This week’s Zen quote comes from Marlon Brando: “Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.” Echoes Ethan, doesn’t he?

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