Salute Our Soldiers!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

One week passes by with a weekend thrown at the end to rejuvenate for the week next. It is a subtle reminder that there is another chance to get it right this week. If you have not got your act right on the week that just passed us by, here is your chance to correct it. You got a fresh week on hand. That is the beauty of life. God has devised a schedule where you can take as many chances as you want as long as you live. We make our own schedule and complicate things. Life is to learn and learn more. That said let us take a look at what we have for the week…

May Flowers [May]

There is something about flowers and there is something even more romantic aboutMay Flowers. A walk in the park with your soulmate for company along with seducing aroma of blooming flowers this may is the epitome visualization of a romantic walk.

Flowers that are vulnerable physically, but possessing freshness that only a flower can invite you into its world of love jus’ like a lady that you woo.

Flower beds are so inviting and easy on the eye to look at and appreciate. You can’t help but wonder at the blessing of nature. Such beautiful things can never be manmade.

Only nature can create such poetry with flowers as the canvas.

Armed Forces Day [May 18]

Do you know right now at this moment where our armed forces are stationed around the world? Well, you may name a country or two or continent or two, but you would still be wrong. Our armed forces are stationed where they are required around the world saving lives with their presence.

Do you know where the families of all these armed forces are?

Amidst us praying for their well being, but never telling us they are. Such dignity only a family of a soldier can have.

Once in a while at least we should take a moment or two to appreciate the bravery of our forces and the dignified bearing of their families.

Not a moment, but a day is dedicated to them and that is Armed Forces Day. Let us celebrate our brave souls of America on this day.


Who is the one who would no matter what will always be by your side?

Even a soulmate asks for a divorce in this world. Friendships break and relationships don’t last. Petty issues break family unions. Neighbors don’t see eye to eye. Nothing in this world is bigger than an ego.

But love of one individual remains the constant and that’s a pet’s love towards you.

They are your fierce protectors and a cuddly companion when you need them to be. Such beautiful pets deserve all our love and that’s why we have created a section full of cards in their appreciation. Send them around and share some love.


Talking about family unions, here’s one – Wedding!

Nothing beats this “I Do!”

It is a union proclaimed to the world and the sanctity of it is pure. Yes, there are a lot many relationships that break, but always remember that the successful ones outweigh the numbers of that don’t sustain. It is not marriage’s fault anyway. It is about individuals. System is secure.

How you go about it is an individual’s take on it.

Do it right when you say “I Do!”

Take care,

Editor Bob

Armed Forces Day 2016 [May 21]

Send Armed Forces Day Greetings!
Send Armed Forces Day Greetings!


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Send Pets Greetings!


Send Wedding Greetings!
Send Wedding Greetings!

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