Winter Is Calling For Some ‘Me Time’!

The snow-covered pavements, the dry leaves, the chilly breeze, winter is here in NYC! The first cup of coffee hits differently during winter. Aaliyah and I have this weakness for a cup of hot chocolate, especially while we are taking breaks from our work right after the meetings.

Winterhas always been symbolic of an end that paves the way for a new beginning. It is often associated with solitude and reflection by the poets. It brings with it a poise, calmness, and silence that often leads to growth and understanding. To me, it is perfect for ‘me time’.

When the temperature drops to the extreme I love spending time reading the works by my favorite authors, learning something new, or simply journaling and penning down my thoughts.

Aaliyah too loves her own time. She loves sketching some random object that she finds interesting in our house or learning new recipes. We respect each other’s space and know how well we function when we get to spend time with ourselves. That’s how well we know each other.

The concept of ‘me time’ was introduced to me by my dad. In one of the winter breaks during high school, my mind was clouded. I was overthinking and confused. While talking helped but I somehow didn’t feel the peace from within. I didn’t know what to do with my life next and yet felt that somewhere I knew the answer.

“Go and spend some time with yourself for a few weeks, Bob. Reflect and see! You will be surprised to see that all the answers you are seeking are inside you,” Was suggested by my dad.

He was right! After a few days, my mind got clear and I knew what exactly I wanted. I knew how to go about with the next step. Ever since then I have always loved spending time with myself. Let’s just say I can’t do without it. Slowly I have introduced my friends and colleagues to this concept and they have been thankful to me for this.

‘Me time’ is not a practice, it’s a way of life. It helps us to be completely aware and stay rooted in our true individual self. It helps to heal and feel strong from within. It makes us more confident and brings us ease. There is so much bliss and clarity in such solitude!

Do you spend some ‘me time’ as well? Let me know how! And, if you don’t then start today and see how magical it is!

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