0 thoughts on “St. Paddy’s Day, Laugh It Away, Date Alert

  1. B. Are you sure you really want to go through with this friendship get together of purging unhappy memories? hmmmm, that would be a difficult thing for me to do with my friends. Never, ever will do it with my family… Tried several times, always ended up in a fight.
    I am honest with most of friends, but I couldn’t out right say to them things that really bothered me about them. I have done things in a round about way- kinda said things in a slant and that usually worked out. But to be too honest, too open, is dangerous.
    Sorry to hear you and Sarah are not talking.I guess you both need some space. Like you, she sounds like she has much work to do over the summer. Perhaps you could set up a specific time each week to meet briefly. Play a game or watch a DVD or take a walk in the park? Now she, as your girl friend, would probably be the only person you could have an open conversation about things that bother you about her or unhappy memories you two have had.
    thanks for the newsletter. hugs, L.

  2. B. Also liked Ryan’s methods of how to stay focused. Getting enough sleep and exercise is key as well as slimming down all the communication circuits as they can be so distracting. You do get work done this way.
    For exercise, I love to swim at the “Y”- so peaceful, especially when I am under water. I see the beautiful sun light coming from the skylight above that dances onto the pool’s floor. My head really clears and I think about the projects I currently am on. At times for a couple extra laps, I speed swim to up the heart rate and I feel like I am flying. After my usual 50 laps, I leave the “Y” refreshed and ready to work on my project.
    Now sleep that’s another issue. As you can see I am writing at 4 in the morning. Sleep is irratic for me while I work, but I do make sure I get enough z-z-z’s even if sometimes it is a mid-day siesta to catch up.
    OK that’s it for now and it’s time for me to go back to bed. Good morning to you, B., L.

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