Sweet And Silly Days to Celebrate!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Life is about searching for moments to find happiness. Sometimes those moments can be found in events that are spread all through the year and sometimes it could be those personal milestone dates that would carry those moments. But there are always certain people in your life who are happy moments’ carriers. You got to find those people, recognize their worth and never let them go. I believe you guys are my happy moment carriers and I hope at least one of you would find me yours.

National Lollipop Day 2013 [July 20]

There is always this nagging thought why certain days seem so silly to even bother to celebrate. I will tell you why you shouldn’t ignore days such as National Lollipop Day 2013. The reason is simple: You got to find a ruse to send a card to your beloved or someone whom you care for to term them sweet and likeable and such a day is tailor-made for that. If that reason doesn’t work for you, here is one more: Send this card out to all your friends and I bet at least 99% of them would break into a smile and would appreciate you in their hearts for that!

Happy National Lollipop Day 2013!

Monkey Day 2013 [Jul 21]

There is a little bit of monkey in all of us, pun intended! Listen, who doesn’t want to have a little bit of harmless albeit weird fun?!

Monkeys never rest in one place or space, they are restless and a lot of fun! So are we or at least we would like to be. And if you wanted a license to go crazy and bring the roof down on your friends and partners in crime, then here is a day.

Monkey Day 2013!

Go for it, poke some fun, play some prank and generally, have a good time!

Not many days are dedicated to madness, but Monkey Day is one!

Everyday Cards

Talking about days, do you realize there is one day that is the most important in your life, my life and everyone’s life?


Today is a day that is like a blank slate with nothing written on it. God has given all the tools for you to write or create whatever on it. Instead of worrying about silly things that cloud your psyche, face the day with confidence and create something beautiful that will last forever.

Create something that will bring happiness to you and others.

You are the master of your day, today and everyday!

Thank You

Two magical words reserved for very special people. Not many of us take time to thank those who have made a subtle difference in our life changing its course towards joy. We take them for granted and at times do not even recognize them. That is a sign of callousness and bad behavior.

Appreciate the ones who deserve credit and show your gratitude with a thank you.

It is not easy to show gratitude, but when you do for the right cause you elevate yourself along with appreciating and honoring someone who deserves it.

For me, a comment from you would do!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Monkey Day 2016 [Jul 21]

Send Monkey Day 2013 Greetings!
Send Monkey Day 2013 Greetings!

Everyday Cards

Send Everyday Cards Greetings!
Send Everyday Cards Greetings!

Thank You

Send Thank You Greetings!
Send Thank You Greetings!

2 thoughts on “Sweet And Silly Days to Celebrate!

  1. B., Hey Mister, I made a smile a mile long when I saw on 123 Greetings that there is a Lollipop Day. How sweet, unique and fun. I should pass onto friends a Lollipop Day e-card. Won’t they be surprised. And yes, you are one of my Happy Moment Carriers. Almost every newsletter and blog you have written brings me happiness and a feeling that I wish ever so much to be with you, your friends and family. You are so up-beat, so concise, very kind and may I add, an excellent writer. Thank you for all your heart felt words. They all have mattered to at least little old me. hugs, L.

  2. Hi Bob ,
    Just a little thank you from me for all the fun reminders to make some ones day ‘ happy ,fun, memorable , romantic etc , but above all for reminding us to always remember to make everyday special for our nearest and dearest!

    Happy ; lollipop day’ from me 🙂

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