Friendship Festival Wishes!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Minutes roll by, hours roll by, days change, dates differ but the love we have for our loved ones never age. They stay the same, sometimes get better and that makes the change around us worth adjusting to and worth living in a world where existence is being endangered. Life is better with people who love us around us. It is an important setting to be in; many forget that fact and look for a house by the lake. Happiness is where happiness givers are around! That said let us take a look at the events and emotions of the week.

Friendship Festival 2013 [Jul 24 – 27]

A good thought – a festival for friendship celebrated over days together! Whoever thought of that definitely deserves a good round of applause. I just wish this festival catches on and becomes something of a festive event that is so huge that we would know the dates without looking at our event calendar and anticipate the event all through the year!

The reason why I say this is because of the friends I have and the friends everyone has. They are an important extension of our lives and such a festival would give us the excuse to get together and spend the much needed quality time.

To all the friends of the world, here is my personal wish – Wish you a very Happy Friendship Festival!

Parents’ Day

2013 [Jul 28]

We talked about friendship and we always talk about our love for our partner and then colleagues at work. We even talk about sharing a smile with a stranger, but what we seldom talk about is our need to acknowledge the presence of our parents.

Yes, that’s how bad it is. Even acknowledging their presence has become a chore. The reason is amazingly juvenile. We believe we love them by default so there is no need to be vocal about it. We got to cut that notion out and reach out to them at all times.

At least from time to time. Aged folks want their offsprings to have an eye for them, a kind for them and if possible a visit.

Give them that. It is a crime to deny them that.

Happy Parents’ Day!

At Work

Who says work is all work and no fun? The job profile could be different and difficult, the company’s rules could be strict and claustrophobic and even the timings can be a real pain and of course, the boss can be a dragon. All that is bad, but it wouldn’t matter if you have colleagues as friends.

Then the challenges will be like the ones in video games. Fun to beat them and enjoy the stay. The only thing is you should reciprocate the love and friendship that they offer you.

Don’t be a snob, but be a pal. Workplace will be one that you would look forward to being in even on a Monday!


How do you inspire someone?

Ask them to read inspirational stories of greats who have had a successful run in life and work? Maybe, make them watch some movies that would inspire them? Or maybe give them a speech that will pep them up?

All above would work, but the one that would work wonders is a quiet word ofcongratulations when they achieve even a minor milestone.

Humans are a sentimental lot. We crave for a pat more often than a promise of incentive in terms of money.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Parents’ Day 2016 [Jul 24]

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Send Parents’ Day 2013 Greetings!

At Work

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Send At Work Greetings!


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Send Congratulations Greetings!

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