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My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Eventful week in the world of news; yes, it feels like we are living our lives in accordance to the events that are happening around the world as the newspapers and television channels report. I feel sad for a tragedy there and here and I feel glad about something good happening here and there. I still worry about my problems in the family and do get elated about something that’s happening in my life, but I have increasingly noticed that my emotions are reacting more to the outside world too given the advent of 24 hour news channels. I don’t know if it is good or bad, that’s a point to ponder over for another day.

Cheer Up Day [July 11]

As we just discussed, it is not necessary to have a reason in your life to cheer yourself up. You may just browse for some news from around the world where an inspirational story is told. You can cheer yourself up with that story and face the day with renewed vigor. Our problem is that we want everything to happen to us. I mean, every good should happen to us. Sad things are a strict no. Life is balance. We should understand that. And when things are not going our way, let’s not sulk, but draw inspiration from outside.

It is a big world out there and we are a part of that world.

Barn Day [Jul 14]

Who says you should celebrate only Christmas and New Year, what about Barn Day?

Yes, every day is a challenge in our lives and if that is so why not pep up our days finding a reason to celebrate. Here we present the Barn Day. The day as the name suggests is named after the barn that houses the livestock.

There has to be some fun to be made out of this day, right?

A few jokes perhaps or a good story to share with your friends along with a greeting card.


Steve has this peculiar habit of going blank in the middle of a conversation and if we prod him on what was just said, he wouldn’t have any recollection. He definitely doesn’t have any mental illness, but it is just that he drifts off to some other world which is more interesting.

It is not offensive; it is just the way it is.

He has two worlds, one where we all are around him and one, where he is all alone.

He loves them both and wouldn’t want us to think that he is putting us off for a better imagination. You see, this was not communicated to us by him, but we just know. And we understand. There are a lot many quirks like this in every one of us including me and the friends around us forgive and accept. That is called friendship.

Don’t expect a perfect friend, but look out for an understanding friend is what I am trying to say.

Stay in Touch

How do you get friends in the first place though?

By staying in touch!

It is not enough to just party when you feel like, but by letting your friends know that you are around. Not only friends, even the family and all those who matter to you.

Send them a card, tell them everything is okay and ask them if everything is okay!

It would make them smile.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Barn Day 2016 [Jul 14]

Send Barn Day Greetings!
Send Barn Day Greetings!


Send Friendship Greetings!
Send Friendship Greetings!

Stay in Touch

Send Stay in Touch Greetings!
Send Stay in Touch Greetings!

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