Fireworks Please, It’s The Fourth Of July!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Life is at a standstill now. There is nothing more exciting than waiting for a big day to arrive. The world works in mysterious ways. When you want something badly it arrives at a snail’s pace, but when you don’t want something to happen too fast, it sure does. The time is the same. Our perceptions are what make them seem too fast or too slow. Mind dictates the timeline. There is pleasure in the waiting phase too. Experience that sometimes. With that said, let us take a look at the events and emotions of the week.

Fourth of July [Jul 4]

America celebrates freedom. That is our most important possession. We can say what we want, do whatever we feel like and just be. Yes, that is American. To live life in our own terms and without a second thought; we fiercely protest, that’s true, and that’s because we have the right to do so. We can elect anyone a President because we have the right to do so. We can talk ill or good about anything, because we have the right to do so. We can light up the sky today with fireworks, we can let our hair down and celebrate and generally have a good time.

We can do anything that is legal and that is our right. And to celebrate that freedom we have a day and that’s Fourth of July!

I Forgot Day [Jul 2]

I said this to Aaliyah on I Forgot Day last time around…

I forgot to sleep.

I forgot to eat.

I forgot to do my chores.

I forgot to put my shirt buttons on.

I forgot to tie my laces and took a fall.

I forgot what sadness.

I forgot everything that hurts.

All because of you.

I love you, Aaliyah!

Maybe you can use this day as a ruse to get romantic with your loved one. Love doesn’t need a ruse or an excuse but if one comes by why not make the most of it?


As long as we are talking about being romantic let me tell you a bit about the flowers. Yes, when we talk love, we should talk about the flowers.

If the emotion called love had a physical form its attire would definitely be made offlowers.

That is the beauty of these things in full bloom. They ooze happiness and no one can pass by one without a smile. Flowers can enthrall with their beauty by just being beautiful.

Such flowers are found on a vase, in a bouquet and even on a cemetery. Love is everywhere and wherever love is there is a flower that is accompanying it.


Life isn’t kind to everyone, but there is always a smile to be found even in the worst of times. Never lose your sense of humor. If there is no humor this world would have been colorless and dull. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t go finding the reason, but just walk the journey with a smile. Everything will be alright.

Life gives us enough chances so don’t sulk that you have ruined one chance.

Ask the scientists how many attempts it takes to find success.

Take care,

Editor Bob

I Forgot Day 2016 [Jul 2]

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