Thankfulness is the Flavor of the Month!


We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. ~John F. Kennedy

The flavor of the month of November is thankfulness. With Thanksgiving coming up this month is special. Autumn is at its peak giving way to winter. The air has already started to feel cooler and it is really windy here in the Big Apple.

I was going through the emails and was delighted to receive some generous comments and appreciation for my blogs and weekly newsletters. I want to take a moment to thank all my readers for being with me in this journey of life’s exploration through stories which move us, provoke us and makes us wear our thinking hats. I am glad to bring you a daily dose of joy no matter what you are going through, my win is your smile.

Comments On Editor Bob's Newsletter
Comments On Editor Bob’s Newsletter

I was thrilled to read some remarkable comments on our Autumn Decluttering Special Feature. Anna generously writes, “Let go and let God” as my North star point of reference, has been a marvelous unraveling of myself and a magnanimous understanding of me within the bigger picture. There are so many wonderful references you’ve made in this piece, Day 18: For Every Setback, There Is A New Comeback!,  all which lead me to think that we are of like mind surely, but more interesting to me is the evolution of you up to this point. A great writer indeed, you have me wanting to know more.Yours is a timely reminder today and I appreciate your encouragements.”

Gladys comments on Day 16: Breathe And Let Go!, “I’m grateful to have stumbled onto this post. I had started to reply to an email about an event coming up with some details that started weighing a bit heavier than was comfortable. I decided to reply tomorrow to give myself some time to come at it more positively and calmly. Your suggestion for deep breathing has actually soothed my anxiety and relaxed the knot forming in my stomach.Thanks for the info.”

Comment on Editor Bob's Weekly Newsletter
Comment on Editor Bob’s Weekly Newsletter

I am overwhelmed because it is so amazing to have active readers and listeners out there. It is the biggest reward besides the subscribers which are 7.5 million approx. in numbers.

I choose to begin my month by thanking all the followers, subscribers, Facebook & Twitter friends for being with me on this awesome journey. What about you? Make a list of all those you want to thank and each day of November and send a note of gratitude to one person from that list. That’s the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Cheers! See you in the comments.


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