The Power Of Prayer Is Unfathomable

Good Friday is here and with a lot of hope, we look forward to the blessings of the almighty. The essence of love, mercy, and sacrifice is what we try to soak in every year on this day. They say prayers can move mountains and their power is seen in the miracles! Well indeed, the power of prayer is unfathomable.

I was enjoying my cup of coffee when I had a flashback. When I was in my last year of school, I was upset as things weren’t going right. All day I had not stepped out of my room and when my dad got back from work he asked, “Bob, what is the matter?”

“Dad God is not answering my prayers. It’s like He is not listening,” I had answered.

“Sit here, Bob! God is always listening and will answer all your prayers. However, you have to remember these three things. Firstly, praying with the right and pure intent is very important so make sure of that. Secondly, keep working hard and give your best as that will ensure that you are aligned to the prayers. And lastly, have faith and patience. Make sure you have an unshakeable faith when He is testing,” He said.

“Will it work then?” I had asked; still a bit hesitant.

“Yes, it will, and only when you follow these you will not only see miracles happening but live in them too!” He had replied.

I always looked up to my dad and so without wasting time, I started following his advice. I prayed with pure intent which was straight from my heart. I gave my best without worrying about the outcome. I left the rest to the almighty and had faith that everything is working in the best order!

It took time but soon I could see that my prayers were getting answered. Things started moving in my favor and I also learned a lot in the journey. New doors that were aligned to my dreams started opening up. It was far more than what I had asked for. Slowly I felt the power of prayer. My faith got stronger with each passing day.

Prayers keep us rooted and aligned to the greater good. When the time gets tough, our faith in the almighty should get stronger. The testing times always pave the way for beautiful blessings that are far more than what we had asked for.

I would love to know if you too have a similar story to share. Also, Happy Good Friday, everyone! Keep praying!

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