This New Year Change The Narrative

Last evening Aaliyah, Alan and I went for New Year’s shopping together. The lights, the music, and the breeze- everyone in NYC is filled with the festive vibe. When we were done shopping, we all were hungry.

“Let’s eat Italian, what say?” Suggested Aaliyah. “Yes, we can do that with a couple of drinks!” I replied. Then Aaliyah suggested an old place which is everyone’s favorite.

“Can we go somewhere else?” Asked Alan. “Sure we can, but they make the best penne pasta and thin-crust pizza. Why don’t you want to go there?” Asked Aaliyah.

Alan was quiet for a few seconds and then he replied,” I used to hang out there with my ex-girlfriend very often. The last meeting was held there and all I can remember is how she broke up all of a sudden! Ever since then, I have not visited that place. I am afraid that entering that place will give me flashbacks. I don’t want to get upset!”

What Alan said was something we often do. We avoid the places where we have been with our loved ones when they no longer stay in our lives anymore. But escaping is never an option. Making new memories is what can try to do!

“Alan I understand that it won’t be easy if you step in. However, it’s time to change the narrative! Laugh in the places where you have cried, sing in the places where you have been silent, dance in the places where you have been heartbroken. It’s time to start a new story and forget the old chapter,” I expressed.

“Bob is right, Alan. Sooner or later you will have to accept and embrace the reality. You have to learn to be happy alone and live in the moment. You have to come out of that phase,” Said Aaliyah.

“And, New Year is the best time to start with this new approach!” I said.

“You both are right! Escaping is never the solution. But weaving a brand new story and adding that chapter to the book called ‘life’ definitely sounds exciting. I will do that from today. This is going to be my approach for the New Year. Let’s hit that place!” He replied.

Then the three of us had an amazing night, laughing, eating, and enjoying to the fullest!

It’s never easy to deal with flashbacks. The best way to deal with this is to associate the place, song, or whatever it is with a new beginning. Something more positive and vibrant! This New Year, change the narrative and see the magic! The chapters will be happier and worth reading later on!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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