To Be Free Is The Most Beautiful Feeling

It’s that time of the year when we all gather to celebrate the essence of freedom. The 4th of July is here! I was waiting for my friends to come over. I was having mint tea and giving a belly rub to Kong. Aaliyah was out to do her nails.

Freedom is a word and feeling that is so close to our hearts. A thought crossed my mind as I was sipping the tea. In today’s times, what makes us free? I thought for a while. It would vary from person to person.

For some, it would be financial freedom. Not having to seek permission before buying anything. Or having enough capital to indulge in things they desire. For some, it may be the flexibility of their work timings. Or being their boss at their venture. To some, it is the liberty of choice – to choose and be with the person they love.

When was the time I felt this way? I started recalling the moments which were of great significance!

The first time was when I got my first pay cheque. I invested in a watch. An expensive one compared to my previous buys. Not for myself, but for my dad. Knowing that I could now afford it and he wouldn’t mind. I didn’t have to worry about the cost. Financial freedom it was!

The second time was when I became a writer and enjoyed the liberty to do something that I enjoyed. The joy of being able to do something that we love and have it as a job is so precious! I was so happy!

As they say that the third is the charm, well indeed! It was life-changing! It was at a point in my life when things went downhill. Then, I decided to give my best and detach myself from the results. I wasn’t attached to the outcome and that kept me in a state of joy always. I started living in the moment and enjoying life more and more. I learned a lot that way!

So, step by step I tasted freedom! Each time it felt great!

To sum it up for me – real freedom is when our mind is free. We keep things simple. We are not chained down by stress or worries about things that are not in our control. We are not attached to the outcome and simply enjoy the process rather than waiting for the destination. It is empowering from within and we feel so much more confident! Indeed, it is one of the best feelings!

Let me know your moments of tasting freedom. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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