Today It Was My Turn!

Yesterday, I decided to visit the bookstore near my place. The July flowers were blooming beautifully near the pavement of the store. The smell of new books is something I love. I always look forward to reading the authors who have beautifully penned down thoughts and created masterpieces. Shelves filled with such writings!

I picked up a book and started reading a few pages. I loved it so I decided to buy it. I was walking towards the billing counter when my eyes fell on a boy right adjacent to my queue. He was waiting to pay the amount and must have been a school student. I noticed that out of the two books he had the budget to buy only one.

“Keep this, maybe next time!” He said and then started walking towards the door after buying one of the books. My billing was almost done. I requested the other lady at the billing counter to bill that book too. She did that and handed over the books to me.

“There you go, champ! Take this! Enjoy your read!” I went to the boy and said. His face showed both shock and disbelief.

“No, it’s okay! Thank you so much, but I will buy it later. I don’t know you. How can I take this?” He asked.

“Well, the thirst for knowledge should not be suppressed! Take it as a gift! And as for being a stranger, I’m Bob. I’m a writer too. You can call me Uncle Bob!” I replied.

His hesitant expression was slowly replaced by a smile. “Alright! Thanks, Uncle Bob! I’m Ben. Give me your digits. One day I want to hang out with you for coffee!” He said and took my number. We had a short conversation till the bus stop. Then his ride was here and we said ‘bye’ to each other.

I didn’t know the boy but I could feel his emotions of not being able to afford the second book. I could relate to that since once I was in similar shoes. Back in my college days when I used to be short of cash, I had my professors and a few other seniors help me. They supported my thirst to read and know more. Today, I give all the credit to such people whose back I had. They helped me to think differently! They were both kind and thoughtful!

Today it was my turn to think like all those people who had once helped me. The smile that Ben had on his face was priceless. I felt great joy from within. A thoughtful heart always paves the way for a happier and kinder world! We be thoughtful and kind more often!  It makes a difference! It made in my life and I’m sure it will make in Ben’s life too!

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