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  1. B., Happy, happy and add to that- a happiest of birthdays. My apologies for not emailing you sooner, but I had gotten very sidetracked of late, in planting my very larger than ordinary, vegetable garden and hardly have been on the computer these days. I get so covered in soil from head to toe, that if I went to our home computer on the second floor, I would be tracking dirt all over the house, believe it or not. Oh well, better late than never. You are the best and I am glad you share with your readers your B-Day celebrations. Sarah sounds quite amazing. Oh, I wish I could have assisted her in prepping for your B-day. I, too, love to decorate, prepare for a party. Didn’t have this as a child so I am making up for lost time. Hey, fiesta! Love a fiesta! Arriba, Arriba, Andole! Andole! Nothing like a celebration. And you should always be toasted to as you are one of the finest folks out there. Salute! Please always keep us posted. It’s fun living in your life/ newsletters. hugs and many kisses all around, L.

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