The Perfect Valentine Dinner!

Valentine’s Day is here. I recall how exciting the last few weeks have been as we celebrated the various days of love and togetherness. I was recounting my best valentine month where Aaliyah had planned a love treasure hunt for me. Each occasion had converted into a milestone moment and had given me the gift of right understanding. I developed a grander perspective of love rather than clinging to the worm’s standpoint. Love is boundless.

I was to meet her at the club as mentioned in my last clue. I found a litter of cute little puppies with heart-shaped tag around their necks. I went near each one holding them up in my arms tenderly stroking them; they licked my hands and face as I searched for my next clue in those tags. It was a surreal experience of unconditional love. Finally, I found a message in one of the heart tags and it said, “Lots of kisses from my buddies here and wait until the final day for me.” I was expecting her but somehow I felt more gratification than disappointment.

Now what was to come… how can she possibly celebrate Hug Day without meeting me? I was wondering will she make me hug a litter of kittens and laughed at the idea. I saw a message on my phone. Tears trickled down as I rose to go to the Elder Care Home where my Grandpa was. The message was heartfelt. “Cuddle up with your grandpa the way you did when you were a tot, I know you miss him and I want you to use this opportunity to be with him. Your old man needs a hug.”

Heart To Heart DaySend Heart To Heart Day Ecard!Send Heart To Heart Day Ecard!

Valentine’s DaySend Valentine’s Day Ecard!Send Valentine’s Day Ecard!

Hug DaySend Hug Day Ecard!Send Hug Day Ecard!

My grandpa passed away the same year. I am glad I spent that day snuggled up with him as the snow fell outside, he had so much to say and I was all ears. I realized time is a gift for our loved ones. It’s precious and cannot be wasted in the trivial. In this playful treasure hunt, I discovered the essence of love.

Just as the sweet surprises she gave me on the various occasions in the past love celebration weeks. I wanted to create yet another memory on the Valentine’s Day.

The perfect valentine dinner is set. A table covered with red table cloth in the center of the terrace which is dimly lit with candles all around. Smell of gardenias hovering in the air. I have preordered her favorite oriental cuisine and some sparkling wine to go with it.

A colony of theater actors have been my friends. All thanks to Adrian for the exposure to the colorful world of drama, dance and music. You might recollect my friend Adrian who is an aspiring actor. We will recreate the magical moments of my proposal to her. With a guitarist and a song giving me the perfect chance to have some heart to heart conversation with my beloved. I want Aaliyah to relive those “wow” moments with me and renew the lost passion in our relationship.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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