5 Things To Do To Experience Lasting Love In Your Life!


Temperatures are in the mid-50s and yesterday while I was sitting in my backyard writing a piece on experiencing love, the clouds parted and the soft breeze swathed me. I was romanticizing the moments spent with my beloved Aaliyah in this weather when it started to rain here in New York city.

I am missing her even more as I fix my Americano and reach for the doughnuts she baked for me last night. With her around stress doesn’t touch me and I feel worthy. She chases away my anxieties with her smile. She gladdens my heart and refines my personality.

It wasn’t like this earlier. We had rows and tiffs almost every single day. I always harbored a fear of losing her. Many times, I would let my ego and fear get the better of me. I would be callous and controlling but with her patience and persistence she transformed me. Love conquers it all if you truly give it a chance to mushroom in your life.

You can’t love unless you are ready emotionally.

If you are someone who wants to experience true love in your life and be able to give affection without hang-ups then go through these 5 Things To Do To Experience Lasting Love In Your Life!

Do Not Dwell In The Past And Be In The Here and Now!

In couples it is very common to keep dragging the past in conversations or sticking a label based on past behavior of the spouse or holding a grudge in your heart for his/ her former action. If you want to truly experience affection you need to sweep your head and heart off the earlier conditionings and judgements. You need to know that people change with time and that we all make mistakes.

Express Your True Emotions!

Being authentic about how you feel is important. Even if the feeling is not so uplifting share it. However, sharing doesn’t mean blaming. Instead of saying, “You did that to me and I am so angry.” Say, “I am feeling upset, may be if this could have been avoided, it would have been better.” It clearly eases the situation and provides a solution. Remember words, gestures and tone while stating honestly should not have the edginess. Be calm and express yourself.

Let Go Of Perfection!

The worst mistake we make as a partner to someone is to seek perfection and comparing them with someone else constantly. Drop the need for ideals. Truly loving is to accept the other and make them feel praiseworthy, reminding them of their hidden potentials and encouraging them to realize what good they possess. Seek freedom from expectations and let go of all the limitations.

Be Grateful!

Gratefulness is the key to opening your heart and receive true love. Thanklessness is a sure shot way to disaster. Don’t have to break your heart to open it up rather be grateful for little things that are done for you and your heart will expand and open up to experiencing more love.

Love Yourself First!

If you can’t appreciate and love yourself enough how do you expect others to do so. Know that two unhappy people can’t make each other happy. So, be comfortable with yourself and then you are ready to experience it coming towards you from all directions. Accept your weaknesses, bask in the glory of your strengths. Never think you are hopeless rather smile and say, “I am God’s work in progress.”

Remember to give love exactly the way you want to experience it. Love conquers it all!

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