How To Profess Your Love In The Most Memorable Way!


“In the moonlight, while we were strolling at a park post our second dinner date. He gifted me a red rose and professed his love. Your dad, Bob, was so sincere when he looked in my eyes and uttered those earnest three words of love, it stole my heart away. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I shyly managed a meek yes.” My mom was recounting the day when Dad proposed to her. I’ve heard it a number of times and yet I love to hear it from her over and over again because of the way her eyes sparkle and blood rushes to her cheeks painting it crimson. She still blushes and my Dad still feels the pride of winning her heart with his words and chivalrous gestures.

Times have changed. These simple, traditional gestures have become a cliché.

People find it very challenging to profess their love because of the ever changing dynamics in relationships, the surmounting ego and the fear of rejection and heartbreak.

Kim who is in a long distance relationship was proposed in a unique way. On one of the usual busy days when she had missed many calls and messages of her boyfriend and was expecting a tiff in the end of the day was surprised and awed by an emotional and passionate message with a proposal in her voicemail. She was so touched that she took the next flight and rushed to be by his side. It was midnight when she reached at his doorstep and the moment he opened the door, she said, “Yes!” and they hugged, she recalls she still cannot forget how amazing that experience was.

Fred proposed in the most cinematic way, he grabbed her under his umbrella on one rainy date, and asked her to be with him forever, come rain or shine and she embraced him and whispered a yes in his ears.

I had requested the band to play our favorite song at the pub and I remember Aaliyah’s resolves melting away with the music and wine, she pecked on my cheek that night and asked for some time to think about it.

I sent her an online greeting crafted by me the next morning. I was persistent and never gave up on her.

One evening she called me over for dinner, the pizzas and pies were all heart shaped. We chuckled while enjoying our romantic meal. She wore a beautiful lavender dress and looked impeccably attractive in the glow of the incandescent light. Our favorite song, the one I had dedicated her at the pub, was playing on a repeat mode. Finally, she asked me, “When can I move with you Bob?”

Love is a beautiful feeling. Express it openly before time and opportunities run out. Let go of the ego. Keep their happiness in the forefront, so the ‘no’ wouldn’t hurt so much and a ‘yes’ will fulfil you more.

Don’t over plan but also do not fumble. Be sure before you let the words out. Being interested is different from being committed.

Value your commitments.

Have a great week friends!

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