5 Ways To Cheer Up Instantly

Kate was here to invite us to Teddy’s birthday party that is being thrown indoors. She looked a little grumpy ever since she walked in. Aaliyah got some fritters and nachos. “Here you go!” She expressed. We started having the fritters.

“What happened? You look a little off!” I asked. “I don’t know just feeling so down. God knows what I should do on such days!” She replied. Kate was just having a bad mood. We all feel that way at times. The good thing is there are ways to beat that!

“Well, Cheer up Day is here, and let me share with you the five ways that work instantly when we are bogged down!” I replied and recommended her these 5 ways:

  • Gardening- Starting the day with gardening not only brightens up the day but also adds colors and essence of the beautiful flowers to the day! July flowers are here and it’s a good time to spend time with Dahlias and Black-eyed Susan.
  • Think happy thoughts- Replaying happy memories and having happy thoughts immediately uplifts the spirits. We feel that we have more control over our lives and look forward to achieving the things that we desire. Our brain releases endorphins that help us to instantly feel good and fill us with a feeling of overall well being.
  • Have gratitude- This is a happiness booster that works wonders! Gratitude helps to shift our attention from what we don’t have to what we have. Once we can see that we start appreciating everything around us. We start feeling better.
  • Go for a walk- Nature has always been a great healer and stress reliever. A casual walk in the morning or breathing some fresh air in the evening is great. It calms our minds and fills us with inner peace.
  • Do things that you enjoy- Spending time in doing things that we enjoy makes us look forward to that. When we enjoy doing something we automatically start feeling happy while doing it. We forget how we have been feeling all day long as our attention shifts to something that’s making us happy.

“Thank you so much, Bob! When I came here I was feeling so low. But, now I understand that feeling this way is quite natural at times! I am going to start following your advice and uplift my mood the next time whenever I feel low!” Said Kate.

“You are welcome!” I replied.

“Here are some Choco chip cookies to uplift your mood right away,” said Aaliyah.

“Oh, my favorite! And, you guys are my dose of happiness!” She replied and then we had a great evening with our indulgences.

Don’t let bad mood spoil your whole day! Follow the 5 ways to cheer yourself up instantly!

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