Upholding The Essence Of Freedom This 4th of July

Yesterday, we were all at Fred’s place after a long time. 4th of July is here and he was reading out famous lines on America’s independence. What a proud moment for us! Some of us were gently smiling while some had moist eyes! Fred surely knows how to evoke emotions. Kate’s niece Jane was here too who was making little notes of what he was saying!

“Alright! That’s all for tonight!” He expressed. We all applauded and Adrian handed him a drink. “So, when was it that each one of you tasted freedom for the first time? Let’s start with you, Steve!” Expressed Fred.

“The first time I could take my dad’s car without him sitting beside me, I guess. That is something I still cherish!” He said smiling. We laughed.

“What about others?” Asked Fred. “It was when I could buy this really expensive bag with my own money that I had got after interning without any help,” replied Kate.

“Mine was when I moved into my apartment after staying with parents and then at boarding. Life was different with no restrictions,” Said Adrian.

“What about you, Donna?” Asked everyone. “I feel it was the day I got divorced setting myself and my ex-husband free from an unhappy marriage!” She replied.

“What about you, Bob?” Asked Fred.

“It was the day when I stopped associating my happiness to any kind of expectations. Before that, I would get upset if things didn’t turn up my way. It was liberating after I realized that happiness is a state of mind. And, ever since then, I am living my life to the fullest!” I expressed.

There was silence for a while and then Fred’s husky voice said, “Impressive! So we all know what a blessing it is to be free!”

“Wait! What about you, little one?” Fred asked Jane. She thought for a while and then looking at us answered, “Sundays look like freedom because my mom doesn’t stop me from doing anything and dad is always up for new games!” We all laughed at this and enjoyed the rest of the evening with good food and music.

The real freedom lies in our minds and paves the way for living our lives the way we desire.

The 4th of July is here to uphold and celebrate the joy and essence of freedom.

Let me know your plans!

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