Be An Angel!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Life and times of great people who have graced the earth makes for an interesting read. I happened to unwind through the weekend with a book or two of these legends and geniuses and found a few things that surprised, enthralled and inspired me. I keep writing about my gang and others who shape my life everyday to you and I am sure even from these faceless nobody lives you will get an inspiration or two. That said let us take a look at the emotions and events of the week.

Be an Angel Day 2013 [Aug 22]

Blind man strumming a guitar with a box in front for the cents and dollars… Nice to listen, but mostly background music for those walk by and for others who live nearby it is just something that is always there. The man himself immersed in his art and facial creases telling a story of its own of longing and yearning for help. I saw a little girl who had a dollar or so and was about to go for the burger joint when she stopped, listened, walked and deposited little money she had in his box.

If I ever saw an angel, here was one.

You too can be one. Do the right thing, be an angel!

Hug Your Sweetheart Day 2013 [Aug 23]

All I do is hug. Yes, that is what I do. Whenever Aaliyah is around, I can’t stop myself from hugging her. And during those rare moments when I abstain from it, she would come running for one.

You see, in love, physical intimacy starts with a hug. Emotional intimacy too starts with a hug. It is a sense of belonging that you would never ever feel with others. This is meaningful and a hug says a thousand words than thousand words can ever be spoken.

One hug has the power to reassure, speak your love, comfort, console and completely profess your love.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go, hug!


I have my good days and bad days just like everyone. When I have great days I go party and when I have bad days, I go home to my family. And they set my mood right so very well that my bad day becomes a good day and I am out partying in no time.

This is the story of how a family gives but never takes. You would notice that all I do is take from my family but share my success and party time with others.

That’s how much we take family for granted. I have learnt these days to give not just take.

There is nothing material they ask for, but a bit of your time. Not too much to ask isn’t it?


In social networking friendship is incidental and not purposeful. Yes, I said it!

You log in to these places and through the course of reading trivia and philosophical quote posts from people who are your friend’s friend, you happen to say hello to one or two guys out there.

You happened to meet them there. It was incidental.

Friendship has to be purposeful. You got to make up your mind a person, miss that person and then meet that person. That has value.

Ponder that!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Hug Your Sweetheart Day 2015 [Aug 23]

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