True Love Lasts Forever!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Eventful weekend as usual? For me, it was! Had a whale of a time catching up with my guys and girls and it was one wonderful weekend! We had this reunion of sorts with pals I went to school with. It was fascinating to meet them more than a decade later. There were quite a few who were completely unrecognizable and then there were a few whom I felt walked straight from the school days without age catching up even a hint. It was a memorable two days with these people I should say. That said let us take a look at the emotions and events of the week.

Sit Back and Relax Day 2013 [Aug 15]

Following on the reunion story, I was curious to know how these friends of mine had fared in life. Everyone had a story to tell and I was invested and interested in all those stories. I felt their pain when they shared about it and tasted their success when they talked about it. I didn’t have a hint of jealousy and everyone else around felt likewise. I noticed that I had only love for every one of them.

And I was proud of them all. It was a feeling mutually shared among the lot who were present there. This friendship at early age doesn’t judge but just appreciates.

It was the kind of day where you throw caution to the wind, be safe in the company of people who love you and just sit back and relax!

True Love Forever Day 2013 [Aug 16]

Talking about love all around, can Aaliyah be far behind?

The love of my life took me out on a date to her beloved sports club. And she was quite happy to show me around the ping pong tables, bowling alley, the pool and even a gym room. She just doesn’t stare at these unlike me but actually works out, plays and competes. I felt a tad ashamed.

She knows a sulk when she sees one and therefore, eased me up into the schedule. We were a riot in the pool and I did a Phelps by swimming as fast as I can lap after lap only to be exhausted within 30 minutes. Anyway, derived some energy from Aaliyah’s smile and hit the lawn for a game of tennis. It was a fun day with a lot of activity and with her by my side. Even the smallest weakness of mine turns into pleasure within a while if my girl is around. That’s true love folks and it stays forever and ever.

At Work

Work without fun is not work but a chore. No one in their right mind can concentrate eight hours a day. There has to be a bit of water cooler talk, a game or two of childish proportions between colleagues. And then of course, rumor mongering to a harmless level would help. Basically, the time spent in office has to be part work and some fun.

If this spirit is kept up then there will be real camaraderie and productivity will increase.

Of course, this will inspire guys to look forward to work even on a Monday. Work will be fun.


Not only fun at work, but also appreciation there would lead to better results. The single most important thing that a professional yearns for is a pat on the back by the man whom he idolizes at work.

There is nothing like an enthusiastic proclamation of congratulations by the management to make an employee feel extra special.

It doesn’t even cost money. It just needs initiative.

Not just at work, but even at home. Try that with your spouse and tell me about the results.

Take care,

Editor Bob

True Love Forever Day 2016 [Aug 16]

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