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How’s it going? How did your Valentine’s Day go? Did you ladies like what your beau did for you? Email me and share stories! I know you can’t wait to hear about the Kate-Jeffrey saga so here goes…

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  Cuddle Day [Feb 25]

First recap… Jeffrey declared his undying love for Kate and how he wants to be exclusive and stuff… well, you know how it goes. If any of you guys want to be Mr. Romeo you have to do what Jeffrey does. Pay attention–lots of attention! And in lots of ways, you don’t need to be a fancy jazz musician or be able to write (like me!) or whatever–just listen and pay attention and everything will be alright. Let’s also not forget those three little words… cuddle, cuddle, cuddle!

Our Kate of course said, “Yes,” to being exclusive with Jeffrey. I think Jeffrey jinxed something when he called in sick to Kate because Kate got sick right after our Monday dinner. She had a sore throat and fever. She didn’t even go to work. Mr. Romeo to the rescue! Jeffrey showed up with a bunch of stuff to ‘sooth her pain,’ whatever that meant. He got her a care basket complete with Tylenol, Aspirin, vitamin water, Vicks vapor rub, Kleenex–not just any kind, but the soft kind with lotion! He even got her one of those Vermont teddy bears–the nurse one! (I mean give me a break!)

Oh, that’s not all. Mr. Romeo also brought DVDs–the chick flicks ya know? The Meg Ryan collection–Sleepless in Seattle, You Got Mail… you know what they are. On top of that he cuddled up, watched all those movies with her until she dozed off to sleep! Kate was of course glad that she’s going exclusive with Jeffrey. He is sooo totally a keeper! Am I jealous of them? Yes, of course! Wouldn’t you want to have someone by you to take care of you?

Rick’s New Car

Rick has the most horrible timing. As I was leaving the sushi restaurant with my date, the woman I met who was running the 5-minute-dating scene, Rick came wheeling in with his new MX-5 Miata. Normally I would congratulate him on his new car but this was a different situation. “Rick! How the heck do you intend to drive a convertible in the middle of winter?!!” I shouted at him. I was annoyed because I wanted to be with her. I had plans for a nightcap, and whatever else that might be in store. But no! My speed crazy, maniac of a mechanic friend, Rick showed up and ruined my plans. What are friends for right?

Anyway, what happened next really served Rick right. My date didn’t feel very well at the speed Rick was driving on Union Turnpike. I didn’t know it, and learning about it the way we did wasn’t pleasant either. The combination of sushi dinner, sake and the speed of a new car made her really sick and she barfed all over Rick’s Miata. It replaced the “new car” smell pretty fast though!

Of course we couldn’t stand the smell, so Rick had to open up the roof of the car. So there we were, like idiots, freezing our butts off in winter with a convertible on the highway!!! I mean that was one of my most memorable first dates EVER! We got to Rick’s place, my date got cleaned up and Rick gave her a t-shirt to wear. She apologized profusely of course, but I told her that it wasn’t her fault. Rick kept quiet–we were all quiet on the way back with his old car. He drove like a little old lady because he didn’t want to clean two cars.

It’s just karma–you never, ever ruin another guy’s date. PERIOD! Will she be calling me again? Will there be a second date? I sure hope so, I really liked her. And the being sick thing–hey, I’d do the same thing if I were in her shoes–new car or not. It wasn’t her fault.

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  Leap Day [Feb 29]

I’ll tell ya about another date that’s coming up. Steve helped out a friend of his, Carole. He’s had a crush on this woman for the longest time and he’s never been able to tell her. She’s completely clueless when it comes to computers so she usually calls up Steve. He’d fix her computer and act as her 24/7 personal tech support. Carole asked Steve out for dinner on Leap Day the 29th!

Steve is ecstatic about it of course. Being the natural geek that he is, he knows all the trivia behind events and dates. “According to superstition, Leap Day is the date when women propose to men! And, get this–they cannot refuse,” educated Steve. Now, I HAVE to find a date for myself that day. Any takers?

Goodbye Aaliyah

Well folks, I am sad to say that Aaliyah sent me a final goodbye and really won’t be in my life anymore. I got an email from her saying that she wants to end our relationship and not give me any false hopes. I know I haven’t really focused on her and have been going out on all these dates. “I think it’s just your way of dealing with the void Aaliyah left,” is what Megan had to say. I am truly blessed with friends who really care, and who are always there for me when I need them.

I’m meeting Fred for a screening of a documentary about Iraqi soldiers. Friends like Fred inspire me to do better. They’re always striving for change, to make our world a better place. I love hanging around with him. Friends like Megan gives me a support system when I’m in a rut like this, and friends like Rick and Steve make life fun and interesting to live. They might have their quirky ways, but hey, I’m not innocent either.

Anyway, I have to close here, I need to reply to her email. I’ll let you know more about it next week. For the moment of Zen, ponder on this quote from Buddha, “Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception.” I think I have to spread more kindness, stop focusing on myself so much and be there for my friends… what do you think?

I hope you’re enjoying my newsletters. What would you like to see more of here? You can recommend them to a friend or send feedback. I’d love to hear from you.

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