When Cats And Dogs Can Coexist In A Home Then Why Can’t We?

Strange as it may sound, but lately I’ve realized only humans are capable of coining the phrase, “fighting like cats and dogs” because in reality the feline and canine species can live in complete harmony after initial storming session owing to different body language and cues. The reactions are  rather hilarious than intimidating.

It was Aaliyah’s Birthday. I had organized a late night dinner. I am a great chef as well, I qualify as a perfect beau she says laughing out so loud that at times I begin to doubt, if it were a joke. After the romantic dinner of chicken with creamy mushrooms paired with crisp, fruity wine and a romantic evening we slept till late and in the next morning we woke up with a start when Kong, our faithful man-friend was barking crazily as if he had seen a zombie. We hurried to see what was it and our heart went out to the little furry kitten with a pink bow around its neck. She was lying in a basket and looking at us innocently, I picked up the basket and got her inside. The kitten stole our hearts with her cuteness. It was a gift for Aaliyah from her sister and she excitedly read the note and hugged the kitten. We were thinking of a name when I noticed Kong all excited going in circles and trying his best to get our attention. I patted him on his head to reassure him of his place but clearly he was insecure. We suddenly felt as if we are parents of siblings who at that point didn’t look too comfortable with each other.

Over time the two of them have come to terms with their differences, like the cat lashes her tail when angry and Kong growls when mad and we intervene when the animals get aggressive. They both checked each other out from a distance initially. Our cat is named Ann. So we have the complete cast of King Kong, the movie in our home say my friends. Kong and Ann amuse everyone who visit us. Ann lazes upon Kong’s back and they both are a delight to be around and live like a family.

Sadly, we humans cannot cope up with our differences and make friends with people who are different from us. Can we not broaden our ways of thinking and embrace and coexist peacefully with the entire creation not expecting or pushing change in them but rather simply accepting them? My dog still barks and my cat meows, they did not change for the other but they learned to coexist while keeping their individualities intact.

It is National Pet Day my friends. Those of you who are proud parents of these four legged beings or any other form in which these angels come, I wish you a very Happy National Pet Day and buddy, keep loving them the way you do. Pet owners or rather pet parents have a beautiful, loving and grateful heart. It’s a day to remind them of that.

We learn a lot of human values when we bring home these buddies so if you have been thinking of getting one, this is the day dear one.

Sending you lots of love.

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