Spring Birthdays Are Special!


Spring has sprung, if you also sprung up in this world during springtime, know that you are special. Spring is full of colors and  so is the persona of people born during this time. The sun-signs of the people born in Spring are Aries (March 21-April 19), Taurus (April 20-May 20) and Gemini (May 21-June 20).

I was sitting in my backyard with a bunch of writer friends. We love to blog and stories are our meal, it creatively draws us towards our core. I cherish writers and the best part is there can never be a good or a bad writer. A writer analyses people, situation in his/ her own unique way and presents the analogies for the readers to draw their own conclusion. We were high on creativity, high on spirits, literally as we were out in the afternoon sun with our chilled beer and platter of warm snacks freshly cooked by me. The aroma of the herbs from my own garden tantalizing our pallets.

Coincidentally three of them celebrated their birthdays during the spring and we ended up with a huge discussion over zodiac signs and their patterns which are remarkably true. Aries the sign of leaders, they are adventurous and often confident about themselves but sometimes they are prone to anger and impulsivity. Linda Goodman who researched and authored many books on sun-signs and star-signs was an Aries so was Charlie Chaplin. Ambitious Aries is driven by the element of fire and hence their is passion in whatever they do. Spring also represents new beginnings just like the pioneer Aries.

Taurus on the other hand is an earth sign and so is a lot more stable, but determined, creative like the flowers in Spring, still yet ever changing. They care about earthly possessions, nature, beauty and family. William Shakespeare, Florence Nightingale are some of the Taurus people who have lived on through their work and dedication. “Though sometimes they tend to be a little stubborn and lazy,” added my Taurus buddy.

Spring breeze is very comforting just like the airy Gemini friend. The weather is in between cold and warm making it pleasant. Gemini buddy is just like the Spring air, very adaptable and versatile, though sometimes they become too inquisitive and superficial, the journalist friend of mine who is a Gemini smiled sheepishly as she could identify herself with the traits completely. Anne Frank, Queen Victoria and Arthur Conan Doyle are some of the Gemini personalities we can never forget. They are people who like to think before acting out.

The moon soon came up and the temperatures dropped and we realized our beer pitchers were empty and minds were full and stimulating with the interesting information. If you are the lucky one born in the magic of spring. We wish you hearty, flowery, blessed Birthday!

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