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Vroooom ! Screech ! Bob’s in a gala mood buddies…search me ! Yeah, Friendship Day is ahead and so is the Prank Night…what more one can ask for…what a cocktail eh ?! And you thought orange juice with vodka gives you a high…hmm….now, now, get sober and hop on…

Friendship Day [ Aug 5 ]
  Friendship Day [ Aug 5 ]

Yeah ! Our gang goes berserk given a chance, but we are touchy too when it demands. Imagine Megan, the livewire, going cliche dramatic. Hmm…hell broke loose when Steve, ever-the-inquirer, popped the question, “Meggy honey, who’s your best pal of the lot ?” and rolled his eyes and winked too for extra effort and rolled his eyes for brownie points.

And Meggy started with a preamble, “Everyone of you guys !!” Sigh ! Girls ! They never choose ! “Come on, Meggy…that’s not fair,” I opined. “Nah ! Bobby, it’s just that way, I just can’t single out; each one of you has been there for me when I needed it the most. What are friends Bob ?! See, I am not flattering you all, okay ?! Winked* hmmm…Steve has put off all his eccentric ways to stand by me when I had a feud with my friend and Ron, “the chef-who-serves-himself,” had gone starving just to be with me when I was down and blue after I lost my first job, and you, Bob, you have stood down your ego for me when we both knew that I am perfectly wrong in an argument, but still, since I was mad about something, you just listened and let me pour and curse….I don’t crave for dollar dreams guys, but friends like you….bottom line, “You were there !” Happy Friendship Day folks !

I thought we were all dead, I mean, I didn’t hear or see anyone breathe…! We just gang-hugged her, wished, and screamed…Ohmigod !….She really can give you goosebumps !


Cards For Sister [ Aug 5 ]

My sis Debbie, the smart one, used to be quite a prankster…yes, you heard that right…she can beat me hands down at that any day. When Uncle John gets us our routine Black Forest Cakes, it’s for us to share. Of course, she being the elder, she gets to decide the portions. Decide, she does and how ?! She gives me the bigger cut coz I am young and she is a grownup…(her logic) and once time to savor…she finishes her share fast and comes to mine. Hey, Bobby…just gimme a bit okay…I got another one in the fridge…and so I share only to find there is nothing in the fridge, forget the cake. I make a scene crying and ranting and then hit the bed. Debbie is not all that wicked, you know…when I wake up the next morning…I would see a Good Morning note with a plump piece of cake with my favorite apple pie. Happiness happens when you least expect it and it’s one of those moments. She would’ve emptied her piggybank just to get back to me….oh ! how I love my sister and this Cards For Sister Day I am gonna make sure she gets the most beautiful cards ever received….remember, it’s time to wish your partner in crime of old days, wink* wink*

Cards For Sister [ Aug 5 ]


Say ‘Cheese’ Day [ Aug 7 ]
  Say ‘Cheese’ Day [ Aug 7 ]

Trust Ron to deliver !

Well, this incident happened, last Say ‘Cheese’ Day and you know how our perpetual foodie celebrated ! Of course, he read between the words and chose cheese….yup, you guessed it right. “Cheers !” he went…yes, he had popped a bubbly open and the champagne was flowing with rhythmic clink of the glasses. Ah ! the cheese ?! It was right there as a prop. Hear his reasoning, “Bob ! Science Man, pure unadulterated Science !”

“Oh, Yeah ! (sure)

Of course, Bobby, it’s just that you know, the cheese forms an extra coating in the liver”

“So…” (tough to keep up with the reasoning of a drunkard until you’re as much drunk)

“Use your imagination Bob…the extra coat…gives you more space and capacity…you see…you stand sober even after two six packs” he beamed !

“Voila, Ron, you’re a genius !”

Well…he never talked about the digestion part…you see…he threw up twice and nose dived from the sprawling bed to the floor….had a black eye ‘coz of brawl with me….Science ! Pure Science ! “Good Morning, Ron !” He didn’t bother to respond….Can’t blame him…!


Prank Night [ Aug 8 ]

You all remember what Steve did last time in the mall, right…?! He literally blackmailed me of repeating the same this Prank Night if I don’t treat him right. Do I have a choice…? He almost got me bankrupt ordering all the goodies and pampering himself. And to top it all, literally, he took me on an elevator ride in the mall to the top floor where there is an observatory to view the creatures of the sky. Whatever ! But the trouble was not at the top, but on the way up ! Yes, he started his games in the elevator. When someone entered in the first floor, he smiled at me and said, “I told you.” The lady gave us a troubled look. Three more people got in the second floor. Then he moved to the rear of the elevator, turned on his back, and announced, “Bob ! There’s a backdoor here !” His antics were too much to bear so I had to hold by chain grasp and threatened to hurt him bad. Trust Steve to pull a prank even in a closed box. Grrrrrrrr…..I sure will get back to him for this…

Prank Night [ Aug 8 ]


Oopsey-doopsey ! Some ride eh ?! Trust Bob to change gears at wanton….Gotcha ! Didn’t ya all enjoy that…hmm…ask for me…nah, didn’t hear you ! Of course, I did, just kiddin’ Wait a week and Bob will be back with sack full O’ goodies…


Editor, 123Greetings

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