Love Is In The Air

Hail The King !

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Gimme your ear…Bob’s gonna share a secret…joy could be held firm in a pair of hands…I did try…but tell you what…if you share it, it’s so big and wonderful…would like to share…! Tighten your seatbelts and get ready for your share of fun n’ frolic…here we go…zoooooooommm…

Send An Email Day [ Aug 9 ]
  Send An Email Day [ Aug 9 ]

Kong is computer-savvy ! Yup…smirk at your own risk. He poses to the webcam better than any human. When Kate hits the keys to chat with studs all around the globe they get to see Kong along with her in the cam. Talk about security. Naturally, all the handsome hunks looking for a gala time turn all decent and good. He has even mastered the art of hitting the Enter key with his rough paw. Whenever the screen blinks to life, be rest assured that Kong will be there striking a pose. And you should see Kate email her anonymous admirers. She composes something like this,

Hey Bud,

You look cool on the cam, but what about the tattoo on the arms eh ?! Looks like a gal’s name ?! Is it Kellie ? Grow up Big Boy ! And take care of your voice…never talk to a girl when drunk…you literally choked saying your name….too much partying eh ?!

Of course, forget about a date….if you insist, Kong is too keen to accompany me, wanna take a bet ?!



Indeed. There’s never a reply to her mail. Hmm…one smart Kate, what say ?!


Romance Day [ Aug 11 ]

Did I ever mention Jenny to you people ? Nah ! Bad…hmmm….she is the One who made Steve ditch the aliens and stars, albeit for a while. You know something’s fishy when our lazy Steve wears the perfect pair of sneakers and has his turtle neck attire zipped right. Ask him and his index finger fondly points to Jenny…the babe ! Yup ! She has the gift of the gab, the dressing sense of a model, which literally translates to “barely clothed” and to top it all, she has a French accent, beat that !

Of course, Steve found everything sexy about her. He even managed to ask her out. Hmm…that’s something…I’m proud of my buddy. But, give it to Steve to a perfect evening into a catastrophe. Well, it began right. He took her to dinner and then after the dessert, they ordered drinks ! Perfect. You see, drinks after dessert leaves the options open…! Smart ! But, then…Jenny went, “Steve, can we hit the floor, I feel like a dance.” Now you should know, Steve has hundred left foot and he can barely walk straight, forget dancing…but our boy was too proud to decline, so he accepted…just not that…he went a step ahead, “So…how do you trace the floor ?” Jenny queried sarcastically…and Steve blurted, “Salsa…yes, salsa…” Don’t know where it came from, maybe the movies…and guess what ? Jenny was impressed….she took the lead and stepped on the floor…and Steve…yeah…he literally traced the floor and moved so fast that he danced with every lady on the floor, of course, except Jenny…you see, she was floored, I mean literally sprawled on the floor by one of his quick “moves.” When the moment passed, you could see him hoisted on the bar table like a flag pole. Need say ?! Jenny scooted.

He just vanished. I mean, he didn’t take calls, neither did he meet anyone…he just vanished in thin air. We didn’t have a choice, but to meet Jenny. I, Megan, and Ron passed on his vanishing act and she was upset too. I mean, she said, she was naturally put off for making a fool of himself and her, but he wasn’t that bad…in fact, he is cute ! Hmm…girls have weird taste, I thought. Anyways…a week had passed and our Steve reappeared. You know what he did…he threw a party and invited all of us in. And once the dinner was through…he took Jenny by hand and breezed his way through salsa, mesmerizing everybody…the naughty little brat has gone on hibernation, just to learn the steps and resurrect his romance…Jenny was floored…well…!

Romance Day [ Aug 11 ]


Son And Daughter’s Day [ Aug 11 ]
  Son’s And Daughter’s Day [ Aug 11 ]

Mrs. Bradley is kindness personified alright and when it comes to her Son, Michael, who’s serving in Iraq, she gets teary-eyed. She dabs the tissue so often that jump starts your own lacrimal glands, well, they produce the tears (just parading my high IQ). She seats herself in the garden, surrounded by her favorite primroses and just sews and designs something on a milk-white Larry King-like suspender supported attire. Of course, it touched me when I cared to peek on her masterpiece. It turned out that she has embroidered her son’s name in the middle of the shirt “M – I – C – H – A – E – L” with a heart sign at the bottom. “How’s it Bob ?! Will Mike like it ?” she queried. “Of course, Mrs. Bradley, he is gonna like it and tell you what…send it to him on Son And Daughter’s Day, it will make his day.” And so she did. She thanked me profusely for reminding her of the day and yeah, folks, the day where the family needs to unite is beckoning, so gear up and have some fun with your old man and mom.


Financial Awareness Day [ Aug 14 ]

Aaliyah has exactly a few hundred plus things in her purse and of course, she can count and name them precisely. And my wallet has as its proud occupants, nothing but cash and cards. She knows I am a spendthrift and I give a damn. Well, there comes a rainy day, you see, and I went broke; couldn’t even afford a double brick ice cream for her. She didn’t take offense, but considered my plight and sat me down for a dressing down.

“Bob, you jus’ don’t need to spend it all you know… …

“Hey, Aaliyah…look, I’m not like that okay ?!” My male ego hurts.

“No Bob, that’s not what I mean…listen…let’s put it this way…you spend as much as you want, but just keep a record of everything and just go over it at the end of the month…please, baby, listen to me, wont you ?!

When was the last time a guy said “No” to a beautiful girl ?

“Okay, but I don’t see a point…still, since you ask” Of course.

One month passed and I religiously kept an account of things…when I sat down to go over it…well…what do you call that….hmm…a “damned fool” right ?! That’s how I felt. I mean, I had fooled around with hard-saved greenbacks on frivolous things and by God, wasn’t she right…leave it to the girls to splurge and save !

I learnt my lesson….how about you guys ?! It’s Financial Awareness Day. Now, you got an option, either manage your money or turn over the accounts to your beloved and just sit back and relax. It works !

Financial Awareness Day [ Aug 14 ]


Rippin’ fun, what say folks ?! Yup…the coolest thing to do is, carry the memories from the events, but it’s never easy to say “goodbye” when the memories are made up of your friends ! Touchy !


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