Cuddling Up, Evening Waltz, Back to Work

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The festive season still lingers on, though the bite is weak. It’s time to get back to work. But two teenage lovers defy the back-to-work mood. Plus I spend some time waltzing (yeah, you read it right!) and also why you need to thank people this festive season. Read on…

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Send Cuddle Up Day Greetings!
Cuddling Up [Jan 6]

The alarm went off rather jarringly. I groped for the table to turn it off and before I could reach it, it suddenly stopped. I blinked to see Adrian standing with the alarm clock. He boomed, “Good morning! Guess whom I saw this morning?” I had no clue what he was saying. I got up and looked at him with a puzzled expression. “Rachael!” he said cheerfully, “she was out jogging with a guy!” By then I was up and in complete control of my senses. It took him more than ten minutes to get to the point of his story.

It so happened that Adrian was out for a jog and he saw Rachael and Charlie, the love birds, cuddling up on a bench in the jogger’s park. Though I thought it was too early in the day to be out on a sort of jogging date, Adrian thought it was rather cute and they look great together. I wondered what Liz would say to this love story blossoming at a feverish pace. I’m sure Rachael knows what she is doing, but I would be honest with you, I am a little worried.

Evening Waltz [Jan 9]

I was wrapping up my work for the day when the text message came in. It was Sarah. Sarah was passing by my pad and wanted to know if I was there. I called her up saying that I can get there in a short time. So I rushed back home to find her waiting at my door. Adrian was not home. I invited her in to have coffee. The room was, as expected, in a mess. I pushed some things aside to make some room for her. Sarah helped make the coffee and we sat down to chat. Sarah moved over to put the music on.

The light waltz music and the wonderful weather outside took its toll. I walked up to her and extended my hand, “Would you like to dance?” Sarah looked pleasantly surprised but stood up anyway. I have no clue how to bring out a real waltz and I have practically two left feet! Yet Sarah didn’t seem to mind. She let me lead and it was magical. There was not much space in the cramped room. But the electric ambiance and the sparks flying did wonders to my spirit. All I can is that I want to meet her again and real soon!

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Getting Back to Work

This time of the year is like an extended weekend. And so, logically it follows that getting back to work is like facing a wholesome attack of several Monday morning blues put together! I can tell you that because when I visited my desk after the holidays I saw a pile of things ready to go to the grind. Seeing all that work together is nerve-wracking and gives you a panic attack. I went to the cooler to have a good glass of water and met Ryan, chilled out as ever. “Hey man, you look worried, can I help you?” he tossed at me. I knew he would.

“Nothing mate,” I replied, trying to make light of the conversation. The last thing I wanted was a lecture on inspirations and motivation. But I had no escape. “I know how it feels, pal,” he continued, “coming back to an overflowing desk!” He shot me a I-know-what’s-on-your-mind look and embarked on his speech about sorting things out in a linear fashion and this and that. At the end of it, I was so bugged by his philosophy and theory, getting back to a desk full of work seemed like Heaven! Thanks, Ryan, you sure can motivate!

Thank You Cards [Jan 11]

It takes a special gesture to make an impact. That is exactly what Megan is doing these days. Megan received a huge number of gifts from her colleagues and numerous friends this festive season. If you have read my newsletters regularly, you would know that Megan is someone who’ll go that extra mile to make someone feel good. Megan wrote a personalized thank you note to everyone who offered her best wishes for this season. Some of them even had a wonderful quote.

Donna thanked her for the note and asked Megan how she manages to find time for all this despite pressing problems on all sides. Megan replied, “It’s my small effort in trying to put in some old school manners that people keep forgetting!” Donna was heard to have repeated Megan words to her children, Ethan and Emily. Donna also made them write personalized thank you messages to all they knew. I would ask you guys to do the same. It takes a little gesture to make a big difference. So go for it!

Here’s a thank you quote that Megan wrote to me: “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” – Bernard Meltzer. Touching, isn’t it?

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Send Thank You Greetings!

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  1. B. I totally understand Kate. Though I do work in the city several days of the week, I am an artist/ painter and work a great deal at my home studio. Folks in the neighborhood don’t always understand this fact, if I am home that I work and am not sitting around watching the TV. When they see I am home, they ask me to mind their dogs, babysit their kids and mind their houses. Had to put my foot down and let them know I am not available, have deadlines to meet. Would be too much time taken out of my scheduled day to sit for them. I suggested they find a dog sitter, a babysitter as well as a house sitter. I don’t know if they were miffed by it all, but I really don’t care. I am selfish with my time. Most folks go off after their jobs to be with friends and family to watch TV or take in a game or to the movies or to dine out. If they only knew before and after hours, how hard I work in my studio. I don’t have much of a social life like they do. It’s when people pose for me, is when I get most of my socializing done. Which is fine by me. I am happiest when I am painting. L.

  2. B. And I love your description of the hand- made card Sarah sent you! What a creative gal. You are lucky to have her in your life. hugs and kisses for your sweetnesses, L.

  3. I loved your story about ill-mannered dogs. goes for kids, too. My baby, Bailey the Beagle, is nearly 15 and the days are diminishing rapidly. My heart is crushed. He has always been so well behaved and generous with his kindness; a favorite of all who met him. Maybe I never thought I was like him??? But my favorite quote of all time for kids and dogs and horses alike: they are what you raise them to be.

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