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This edition points out why you express your love with words rather than allow only non-verbal gestures to convey your feelings. Plus, read how dreams come true and what ingenuous idea occurred to my friend to reach out to her best friend. Come on in…

Send Whisper 'I Love You' Day Greetings!
Send Whisper ‘I Love You’ Day Greetings!
Say ‘I Love You’ Often [Jan 19]

Kaitlin has a complaint against Rick. On face value it seemed that it was one of those many complaints that Kaitlin holds against her live-in partner and chief enemy. But when the word got out, Kaitlin was joined by other women friends of mine who are dating. The complaint is, Rick does not say ‘I love you’ as much as he should. Irina had the same thing to say about her significant other and so did Kate. It seems this is a common problem with guys. And if I was honest about it myself, I think I would fall in this bracket as well!

But this complaint is not without opposition from the guy group. Rick says, “What’s the need to keep saying it when she knows I do?” Very valid point, Rick, but it seems things don’t really follow logic when it’s love we are talking about. I think guys need to take a leaf out of this edition and make an attempt to express their love with words, more often than not. And anyway, there’s nothing more incredibly romantic than getting up close, holding her hand and whispering in her ear, “I love you!” Try it, it will get you more brownie points than pages of rhetoric love letters would.

Dreams Do Come True [Jan 13]

Wisdom is something that you cannot deny and that never fades, though times may change. When Eleanor speaks of something that is of lasting value, you can see sense in that now and you feel convinced that her words will hold true even a few decades down the line. Rachael found that out recently, much to her amazement. Rachael is in touch with Eleanor after she let her have those wonderful roses for her boyfriend. Rachael was talking to her about her childhood dream of wishing over a shooting star.

Eleanor gladly encouraged her to keep looking for a shooting star, but at the same time told her something that Rachael will remember all her life. Eleanor told her that the ultimate power to fulfill our destiny is with us. “Crystal balls and tarot cards are consolations at best,” Eleanor told her, “at the end of the day, if you achieve something, be sure you did that because of your talent and skill. Luck has hardly anything to do with it!” Rachael confided in me that after listening to her talk with such conviction, she’s convinced that dreams, after all, do come true and only we have the power to realize it.

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Send Make Your Dreams Come True Day Greetings!

Send Friendship Greetings
Send Friendship Greetings!
Friendship Token

Nothing is cheesy in friendship. Because it’s the emotion that really counts, not the way we express it. Kate got a taste of that last week. Kate was working at home when the doorbell rang. The parcel was from Irina, who is best friends with Kate for some time now. It contained a silver pendant that had the shape of a crystal ball. On it was inscribed, ‘BE’ and beneath it, ‘FRI’. The edge of the pendant was jagged, indicating that it was giving off the idea that it was one half of the crystal ball. Kate could make nothing of it.

The note from Irina asked her to wear it when they meet up later. Kate was hesitant but knowing Irina, decided to play along. When Kate met her, Irina was wearing a similar pendant, except that this was jagged on the opposite edge. On it was written ‘ST’ and below that, ‘END’! Kate was delighted at the wonderful shape the apparently broken crystal balls formed when brought together, with the words ‘BEST’ and ‘FRIEND’, making sense of the whole venture. Irina signed off with, “Together we make complete sense!”

Mom’s Birthday

It’s my mom’s birthday on the 16th of January. As always, and that is the only phrase that comes to mind because I can’t remember when I was at her birthday last, I’ll not be able to be there. Though it makes me sad, there is something else that makes me worried. And that is, what to buy for her? Gifts and me don’t go together and each time I have to buy something, I get completely lost and this time, two pseudo-wise souls added to my inability to decide on a birthday gift. Megan and Adrian are the opposite teams and the conflict is, should the gift be a sort of memento or one that has utility.

Megan feels that gifts should always be a sort of memento: “Who would like to make use of a special gift and subject it to daily wear and tear?” Adrian challenged her, “And who would want a gift which can only accumulate dust and nostalgia lying there on the shelf?” I don’t know who makes more sense, but it was a bad idea to ask them in the first place. I think I’ll do what I do as a last resort: head to the shops and pick up on instinct. Hope mom likes it! After all, the idea isn’t the gift, the idea is the handwritten ‘Happy Birthday to you, Mum!’ that will come with the gift. Mom would pick the note any day over any gift!

Here’s a Martin Buxbaum birthday quote for all those moms out there who were born on the first month of the year: “Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.”

Send Birthday Greetings!
Send Birthday Greetings!

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  1. B. If Irina likes it and she is happy, that is all that matters. I think your friends ought to keep their noses out of her and his affairs. She and Alex know what they are doing and what essentially keeps them going. Love is always overstated, overthatop. Let it fly, run with it and be merry. yours, L.

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