Day Of the Christ Is Here – Merry Christmas!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

After talking about it for over a month and building up the anticipation and hype, finally the day of reckoning is here. Christmas is here. Day of the Christ is here and the New Year is just a stone’s throw away. Have you decked up your home and the Christmas tree? Have you made your party plans for the New Year? Are you ready?

If you are then let’s take a stroll and visit the events of the week.

Christmas [Dec 25]

December 25th has a ring to it, isn’t it?

Christmas is the joyous occasion when you have Santa Claus entering your house through a chimney accounting your good and bad and distributing goodies and it is the day when the Christmas tree glows bright and is all decked up with goodies lying by its feet. It is also the day when the Church becomes a place of celebration and the sweet sound of the carols fill the high ceiling buildings. Family and friends come out in droves and meet up together to share their happiness on this day.

It is also the day when one prays and seeks blessing from the Lord for peace and joy. On such a momentous day I wish you all a Merry Christmas and wish that everything that you ask for be given to you.

Christmas Around the World [Dec 25]

It is a beautiful day whatever the geography. Christmas in our part of the world is snow white while it is not the same anywhere else, the sun may beat down, there may be torrential rains and there could be places where the temperatures hit below zero. The spirit remains the same. Always! Lord remains the same everywhere. His disciples’ devotion remains the same everywhere.

The Christmas spirit is unmistakable in every piece of land on this planet. Nothing can escape it.

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate Christmas Around the World!

Christmas Eve [Dec 24]

Sometimes the day before the event is the most beautiful moment of all. On the day of the moment, there is just joy, but on Christmas Eve, you have joy coupled with anticipation. This anticipation, the hype around the event and the happy heartbeats are to be experienced to believe it.

It is like waiting for the moment Jesus will grace the earth with His presence. It is that certainty in heart that such an occasion will befall us is a soothing thought in itself. It is day for Him and the night before the preparations are to be done. No one shirks their responsibility on that day. Everyone does whatever they can within their strength to deck up for the arrival of the Lord.

New Year [Jan 1]

Festivities are done with and you look forward to the next. Then beckons the New Year. The first day of the year. A positive look at what is in store for the next 365 days to come. Resolutions written up, introspection for the year past done and anticipation for the New Year Day and its eve on the mind – a different kind of excitement this too is, isn’t it?

Plan the party for the eve where you can unwind and leave behind the bad of the past and welcome the good of the future!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Merry Christmas!

Send Christmas Around the World Greetings!
Send Christmas Around the World Greetings!

Christmas Eve 2015 [Dec 24]

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Send Christmas Eve Greetings!

New Year 2016 [Jan 1

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Send New Year Greetings!

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  1. B., May your holidays be bright and may the light of Christmas shine upon you and your loved ones through out the New Year. Thank you for being my/our friend, L.

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