Welcome New Year 2013!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Love is where life is. And life is usually in the hands of the people who are close to your heart. The exhibition of this fact should have come to the fore during the Christmas holidays and beyond. Holidays are not just meant for partying but to also find out who is who in your set of family and friends. Try ascertaining the good from a heap of ordinary and preserve them for life. Let’s take a stroll and see what we have in store this week.

New Year’s Eve [Dec 31]

Christmas was celebrated and blessings sought from the Lord. It is time to look forward to New Year’s Eve. It is the day before the big day and naturally, it carries as much weight and importance of the D-Day itself. One usually associates New Year’s Eve with parties that run through to the next day and those parties are supposed to be wild, nostalgic and positive. Yes, it is such an evening where one thinks about things that have happened in one’s life over the course of the year and also look forward to a great year ahead. Under such circumstances it is but natural to go wild on the party scene, but caution should be exercised. On a day when happy memories are supposed to be made, one should be careful about their health. Party hard and welcome the New Year but play it safe.

New Year [Jan 1]

New Year Day is the first day of the year. Well, that much you know already, but do you know that it is the most important day to wish your dear and near ones. It is an auspicious day and a very happy and positive day. That positivity should be spread all through the town; all through to the people whom you love and really care for. It is not always possible to be with the people you care always. Today’s world and responsibilities an individual carries doesn’t allow for such time. Therefore, it is mandatory to use the special occasions to wish everyone. From the stable of 123Greetings we wish you all a very Happy New Year

Japanese New Year [Jan 1-3]

Shogatsu greetings to one and all. May Lord Buddha bless you all on this auspicious occasion. May love and luck follow you wherever you are. May great things happen to you through this year and may this Japanese New Year bring only happiness in your lives and your loved ones’ lives.

Time to celebrate the year that past with all its interesting happenings and await an year full of sweet surprises.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Epiphany [Jan 6]

Loved ones deserve a greeting card from you on Epiphany. It is an event that is best celebrated when shared. Greetings on such a day will help people smile. It is the duty of every dear and near one, every kith and kin, every friend and well wisher to send a greeting card on this day to show that you care.

Seek the Lord’s blessings on this day, and make sure you spread the word of God to the ones you care.

Love you all.

Take care,

Editor Bob

New Year 2016 [Jan 1]

Send New Year Greetings!
Send New Year Greetings!

Japanese New Year 2016 [Jan 1 – 3]

Send Japanese New Year Greetings!
Send Japanese New Year Greetings!

Epiphany 2016 [Jan 6]

Send Epiphany Greetings!
Send Epiphany Greetings!

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