Do You Dread Going To Work?

It is Friday the 13th, I feel so low and down. Should I simply blame the day known for its darkness or my destiny or my life or simply my attitude?

Tired, unhappy, weighed down, bored is how I felt for past three months. Even though the calendar turned to a new page, my life was set in a mundane routine? I like adventure and my subconscious which has nothing to do with reality and age was screaming at me, “Bob! Is that you? Where is your youthfulness and sense of adventure gone man?”

I stopped listening to it, completely draining its voice in the noise of pragmatism, monthly bills, never-ending to-dos, always demanding and unsatisfied colleagues, kith and kins, overstated work targets and the always rushing time monster.

“So, how do I bring in thrill and energy back in this chaotic journey of life? Where is the space and time?” I would argue with that nagging voice within me.

The inner consciousness has many facets and just in the tug of war between my understanding of limits and dreams popped up the calm and serene voice, I can say it was the voice of the inner master who was sitting and listening to my mind and intellect’s continual tiff. It said, “The trouble is not the age or the demands or life’s drama or your dreams, it is in the attitude with which you weigh your circumstances or dismiss your dreams.”

Whether your outlook is negative, positive or somewhere in between you can always take control and unlock the potential within you and ajar the door to unending source of joy and thrill no matter how monotonous is your day and how repetitive is your work. There is always a time to squeeze in moments of excitement and laughter.

It is possible to connect with yourself during the day and find time to do what you love to do in the middle of the work and the deadlines. The energizer breaks are a must for high performance and creativity.

I plug in to my favorite music and put my ever buzzing phone on voicemail and walk around my office building. I pause to enjoy the spring blooms and do some window shopping, making a mental list of stuffs to buy in this spring-sale season.

I reach out to my people with fun online greetings. I indulge in a creamy latte and mud-pie at times and sometimes I just stop in the middle of an extremely busy day to daydream or gaze outside the window silencing the voices in my head. I hangout with a bunch of friends who are not connected directly with work I do so that we can paint our conversation with different hues. I spend time with my furry friends and so on. The list of joy-breaks is endless and I take it until I can see my life in all possibilities and break free from the plain-vanilla existence and jejune spirit.

I have heard that earlier when men lived in caves and their only source of sustenance was hunting for the tribe. The highly charged and energetic hunters sat around the bonfire and practiced fire-gazing to calm their minds after the day was over. This downtime gave them better focus and speed. It is extremely important to be able to bounce forward during the uptime.

We need to refine our attitude and transcend the heavy feeling of boredom and fatigue by constantly filling in the gaps with the so-called nothing.

So wash the attitude window with which you look at the circumstances, work and people in your life. Your window should be sparkling clean so that the sunshine can permeate through it and enliven you and your life.

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