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World No Tobacco Day [ May 31 ]

World No Tobacco Day [ May 31 ]

Did I tell you Kate’s on TV these days ? Yeah, really ! You know how gung ho she’s ‘bout modeling ‘n all that ? Well, she got an offer to do an Anti-Smoking ad‘n she jus’ jumped at the chance ! As it is, Kate’s always going on ‘n on about why smoking is bad for health and how it harms the environment ‘n how everyone suffers because of it ! And gosh, does she look stunningly beautiful on screen !!! Of course, Ron grumbles that given a choice between watching Kate lecture on TV and having a cigar, he’d settle for the lesser evil ‘n go for a smoke any day ! Can’t blame him, though ! Poor fellow’s been at the receiving end of Kate’s health sermons for ages ! But to those of you who haven’t been so lucky, let me pass on Kate’s message… “Reach out to all your friends on World No Tobacco Day with a simple request. Don’t smoke. It kills !” Send out the cards ‘n show your support for a healthy world !

Poetry Day [ May 31 ]

You’re my only true friends now, guys ! All my gang members have turned their backs on me, leaving poor Bob high ‘n dry ! Well, ‘tis hardly my fault that the poetry-bug’s bitten me of late ‘n I’m giving everybody a rhyming time all day… Problem is that nobody’s appreciating my genius. Even my pet pooch Kong has taken to barking his head off every time he suspects that I’m about to open my mouth ! Life can be pretty unfair at times, I tell you. But don’t you worry, friends ! Brilliant Bob will have his revenge yet. Poetry Day is just around the corner and what better time to let loose a torrent of verses on my unsuspecting friends ? Heh, heh ! Hold your breath, dear buddies ! This is gonna be a truckload of fun !!!

Poetry Day [ May 31 ]

Hug Your Cat Day [ Jun 1 ]
  Hug Your Cat Day [ Jun 1 ]

I pity poor Mr. Ruffles on Hug Your Cat Day… Donna’s pampered pet puss is practically a member of our gang ‘n we make it a point to troop over to her place to give Mr.Ruffles lots of cuddles on this day. Normally the Persian fur-ball has no problem being mollycoddled. But this day is another matter altogether ! Being squeezed and petted by more than half-a-dozen people is not exactly high on his list of priorities. So naturally, he’s pretty wary of Hug Your Cat Day! You know what he did last time ? The moment he spied us from Donna’s upstairs window, he ran out as if his tail was on fire ‘n scooted up the nearest tree ! And then he became so frightened that he couldn’t come down ! Donna had to finally call the fire department to rescue her darling kitty ! I wonder if she’ll let us near her house this time ?

Donut Days [ Jun 1 – 2 ]

You should see the gleam in Ron’s eyes nowadays ! “Is it because Donut Day is fast approaching ?” Rick asked innocently. Unfortunately, Ron overheard the question and snapped back, “It’s Donut Days, not ‘day,’ ye young whippersnapper !” If you’re wondering what has come over cool ‘n cultured Mr. Ron, lemme put your doubts to rest. Dear Ron always goes bonkers when the ‘food days’ come around, as it gives him a license to binge without any guilt whatsoever ! And donuts are his particular favorites ! So it tickles him no end that he gets two whole uninterrupted days to munch on the goodies ! Kate, of course, is incensed ‘n she even petitioned Mr. Big to lock up Ron in office for those two days ! But the Boss knows better than to stand between delicious donuts ‘n a hungry Ron. So our resident foodie’s gonna have his share of fun alright, ‘n you too jump in the fray. Click on our scrumptious cards and invite your friends to join in the party !

Donut Days [ Jun 1 - 2 ]

Love Conquers All Day [ Jun 3 ]
  Love Conquers All Day [ Jun 3]

We were out for a walk and lazily strolling across Brooklyn Bridge when suddenly Steve braked to a halt plumb in the middle ! “This bridge,” he said with pomp, “connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.” “Brilliant deduction, my dear Watson !” I shot back. “Shall we proceed ?” “No, no ! Don’t get me wrong,” he replied. “Wouldn’t it be grand if we could link everybody to everybody with love like this ? You know, setting aside our differences ‘n building invisible bridges of care ? Hey, we could have World Peace !!!” Hmmm… I guess gazing at the stars all night gives ol’ Stevie a different perspective on life. But not a bad idea, eh ? Why don’t we make a start on Love Conquers All Day ? You can choose some beautiful cards and link across to everyone you know. Let’s spread the beautiful message of love in a world that’s often going crazy ! Who knows, Steve’s dream jus’ might come true one day !

World Environment Day [ Jun 5 ]

“Nope. Not a chance. We’ll be all right !” That was Megan, declaring her unwavering confidence in humanity. We’d just finished watching a docudrama ‘bout all the dangers that we’d face if we kept polluting the environment, ‘n Kate was clearly disturbed. “Do you think we’re gonna wipe ourselves off the planet ?” She asked in a bewildered tone. Megan, as usual, remained buoyant. “You know, we humans have a great gift for bouncing back. No matter how bleak things look, I’m sure we’ll join hands and pull through this time also !” That’s Megan the ‘optimist activist’ for you ! But hey, that’s true ! In spite of all that has gone wrong, we can always learn from our mistakes and surge ahead ! Awareness is the key, ‘n the time to spread it is now ! So why don’t we all send out our pleas to heal the Earth on this World Environment Day ? Let’s band together to make a difference, guys ! As my geeky buddy Steve says, “This planet is the only home we have.”

World Environment Day [ Jun 5 ]

Whoa ! That’s what I call an exciting event-filled week !!! I’m sure you enjoyed the fun ride. Jus’ take a deep breath now ‘n brace yourself; ‘coz I’ll soon be back again to take your breath away !


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