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Love, friends ‘n ice-cream ! If that sounds like the ultimate recipe for happiness… well fellas, that’s what I’m gonna serve you on a platter ! This time Bob’s newsletter is a double helping of fun ! The week’s been crazy with all that’s been happening in the office ‘n in my neighborhood… ‘n I’m dying to share the stories with you. So jump right in ‘n let the fun begin !

Ice Cream Day [ Jun 8 ]
  Ice Cream Day [ Jun 8 ]

“You should have more ice-cream, you know ?” Ron suddenly said to Donna ! Oops !!! You should’ve seen her turn cherry red !!! One moment her face was white, the next moment it seemed that all the strawberry ice-cream she’d ever consumed had come up to her face ! Actually, Donna wasn’t really in a great mood today ‘n she was ticking us all off for being lazy bums ! ‘N since she’s often whistling “You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream” when she’s in a good mood, this was jus’ a subtle effort on Ron’s part to change her mood… Guess what, it worked like a charm ! The color came back to her face ‘n she let out a chuckle. “I’ll get even with you fellas, jus’ wait !” she said with a twinkle and went back to her cubicle to make a call. Bet she’s placing an advance order so that she doesn’t run out of supplies on Ice Cream Day ! Hmmm… it’s a wonder how Donna rarely goes easy on the goodies ‘n yet manages to stay trim and healthy ! And while we’re on the subject, why don’t you send across some ‘cool’ cards to your friends ‘n pep up your ol’ buddies ?

Profess Your Love Day [ Jun 9 ]

College days ! I’ll let you in on one of those special college-day moments. Well, Science was to be my Major if I had my way, but Rick gave me the much-needed rotten yarn, “Bob, it’s pretty obvious Science doesn’t get you chicks; at least, not until you’re a filthy-rich middle-aged geek with a mansion and a yacht.” I chose English Lit. Darn ! Steve ! But I met, Jenny – the leggy lass who walked effortlessly into my life there. She had exactly two words for me, “Hey” as I passed by her from the dorm in the morning and “See Ya…” when I scooted back home in the evening. Sigh ! On the prom night I was bereft of a partner and Jenny lent a helping hand. Of course, you know about my dancing skills… a cross between Elvis and Mike… that is errr… eerie… ! She held me right and led me on the floor with a smile. Pure Magic ! Time stood still as we moved to the groove of the music. When we were exhausted and hit the table for a drink, I looked straight into her eyes and said, “Jenny, it’s eating me up for the last few days, let me say this, you… you’re…” She just sat there looking at me… and we just stared for a while. A long pause – silence – she held her hand out for another dance. We hit the floor and moved slow to a soothing tune. I understood that she understood. Sometimes words are a hindrance, you know… they just know ! Profess Your Love Day is round the corner; tell ya what, when you feel you found the right one, it’s time to open up. And what better day than this ? Of course, once you profess your love and hit it off, Cuddle Up Day is not far ahead either ! It’s a logical progression, won’t you say ? Cuddle up cozy, spread the word of love… and to help you to do just that we have enough cards stacked up. Pick n’ choose, love is in the air this season !

Profess Your Love Day [ Jun 9 ]

Best Friends Day [ Jun 8 ]
  Best Friends Day [ Jun 8 ]

Talking of Jenny, it was tough for me to broach the subject with my folks. Well, I happened to be on phone with my old man the next day.

I called up home that night. Mom was on line.

“You didn’t call for 15 days now”

Sigh ! Standard phrase of hers ! Actually it was only a week.

“Eat healthy Bob, don’t hit the Big Macs all the time.”

Another one !

“Sure Mom.”

“Take care, talk to Pa.”

“How’s the weather ?” He is always worried about the forecast.

“A bit damp, but I’m having fun.”

“I guess. You have cut down to three, right ?”

“What ?” I knew.


“Ya.” I whispered, you know it’s embarrassing…

“How are you killing the time ?”

“Don’t you worry Pa, its fun when Jenny is, err…”


“So, that’s Jenny, is it ?”

“Jus’ a friend, dad.”

“Ah ! Alright… Bob, bring her home for dinner this weekend.”

Oops ! A long pause.

He knows.

My dad. My friend.

“I am happy for you Bob.”



“I love you dad.”

“I know.” A cackle !


This Best Friends Day I am gonna send my old man a friendship card and let him know he is not just my father, but the very best friend I ever had.

World Ocean Day [ Jun 8 ]

It’s that time of the year again ‘n I’m already getting the chills ! Steve nearly got us into big trouble last time on 8th June ! Whew, I’m yet to recover from the shock ! Tell you what, I’m not letting him come anywhere near my place on that day. And that’s a promise ! Lemme tell you my tale of woe ‘n you’ll figure out why exactly I’m not jumping with joy ! It was 4 o’clock in the morning when this guy appears like a ghost from nowhere ‘n starts tapping on my window ! “What in the blazes do you think you’re up to ?” I demanded sternly. “Jus’ take out the car ‘n come… we’re goin’ for a drive,” he replied nonchalantly. A bit of friendly advice – whenever you see Steve cool ‘n composed, don’t think, just RUN ! Well, I was groggy in the morning ‘n forgot to heed my own advice ! “Belt Parkway,” he barked as soon as I’d got behind the wheel… and there we were, two crazy guys zipping across the streets of New York in the early hours of dawn ! I was jus’ coasting by Lower New York Bay ‘n had taken the final turn toward Verrazano-Narrows Bridge when he started waving his hands wildly ‘n gestured me to stop. “Steve, I don’t think that’s a good idea…” I remarked uneasily as I slowed down. But boy, he was out in a flash, jumped over the guardrail and stood by the embankment ! Friendly advice no. 2 – never ever argue with Steve ! I looked around, expecting the police to pounce on us at any moment… but luckily, the road appeared deserted. I looked back, and what do I see ? Ol’ Steve standing at full attention ‘n saluting the Bay !!! He returned grinning sheepishly, “It’s World Ocean Day…” As if that explained all the weirdness in the world ! Okay , I understand that one can love the planet ‘n also honor the oceans and all the stuff they provide for us… But doin’ the army jig at four in the morning ain’t quite my idea of fun ! “Wanna celebrate ? Send out the cards,” that’s what I always say. Saves a lot of trouble, I assure you. As for that fellow Steve, jus’ let him come within a mile of my place this time !

World Ocean Day [ Jun 8 ]

Email Week [ Jun 11 - 17 ]
  Email Week [ Jun 11 – 17 ]

Do you know anybody who goes nuts during Email Week ? Well, I do. It’s our very own Ron ! Check out what he did last time… In the morning in office, he suddenly got up ‘n solemnly announced, “Listen up, guys. This is important !” We all clustered around… He continued, “This week we celebrate one more step in human advancement, the beginning of digital communication… say three cheers for the e-mail !” “What ! ?” Donna was aghast ! Even I was looking for some rotten tomatoes to throw at him ! “Hold on chaps,” he pleaded, “Don’t you see ? Instant communication ! That’s the watchword ! Remember the old snail mail ‘n delayed deliveries ? Now things have all changed only because of e-mail !” Ron’s a sucker for all good things in life… and internet communication probably comes close to food on his list of priorities ! I tell you, this fellow’s in danger of becoming a digital nut ! But hey, we all have our little peccadilloes. I’m jus’ wondering what present I can give him during Email Week. Hmmm… hey, how ‘bout an e-card ? (wink *)

Rose Month [ June ]

For me going to church on a Sunday is more of an obligation than a necessity. I kneel and cross by habit and go through the paces idle and detached. Well, at least until the time I met this little girl a few months ago, Mariah Jones. She was this kid who with her family kneeled in the front pew in front of me and tried hard to repeat the psalms and understand the stories. When it was time to leave, this little tot stayed back to pray for more. Her parents were surprised when she lit a fresh candle, placed a fresh rose bud and closed her eyes in prayer. I stopped on my tracks when she answered her querying mom, “It’s for that kid who was crying Mom; yeah, the one they showed in CNN last night.” Her mom told me she was talking about the hurricane Katrina victim who was left orphaned by the deadly tornado. Well, it touched a chord in me; this little kid doesn’t know much about tornados or Kansas for that matter… she lights the candle for a kid she hasn’t met neither seen in real. There are times when we feel small in stature and ashamed of our ignorance. This kid humbled me with her gesture. Rose Month and Red Rose Festival are on, buddies. The rose is not just a flower that symbolizes romance, but a flower that epitomizes love. Gift the flowers and the cards in a simple gesture of love.

Rose Month [ June ]

See ? I told you this was goin’ to be a double helping of fun ! ‘N before I sign off… hope you remember that Father’s Day isn’t too far away ? Hmmm… have you decided what to get your dad ? Tell you what, make good use of Write To Your Father Day to touch base with your ol’ man. I’m sure you can find out what he’d appreciate.


Editor, 123Greetings

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