Everlasting Joy!

Enjoying the orange hue of the setting sun in Big Apple, I was breathing some fresh air from the balcony. The beautiful September Flowers caught my attention and I got reminded of that famous line by John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

Honey Month it is! Just like how honey sweetens our taste buds, poetry transcends language and takes one to an alluring world! To me, it adds deeper meaning and grandeur to life!

I walked into the room and saw that Aaliyah was busy. Along with her work, she is helping out her friend Maria. Maria is a single mom who is busy with double shifts at her store for the past two weeks. All exhausted, she is not being able to give enough time to her daughter. So, Aaliyah is helping out her daughter online to complete her homework.

Whether it’s helping someone in need or being there by someone during tough times, she has always been there for others! Whenever I ask her that what fuels her to do all of this her reply is, “Seeing others happy gives me real joy, Bob. To make an ideal world we should take baby steps ourselves and set examples. I inspire two people and they in turn inspire four others and that’s how the chain grows. That’s how we contribute our bit and make a difference!”

Aaliyah motivates me to be a better person every day. Whether it is lending a helping hand or looking beyond myself, she has been the one to bring this positive change in my life.

Making a cup of coffee is how I can contribute now while she is caught up! I quickly made two cups of coffee and served her with her favorite Choco chip cookies. Along with that, I kept a note on the tray that read, “Hey beautiful, it’s time for a coffee break!”

She had a wide smile on her face. “Oh, Bob! Thank you so much. You seem to read minds! This is just what I needed right now!” she expressed. “Love makes one do strange things! I can read only your mind, my love,” I expressed. She smiled more and I winked!

Real beauty is reflected through the kind actions that one does. People like Aaliyah are beautiful inside and out! They indeed add an everlasting joy to life. Much like what John Keats had expressed!

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