Our Furry Friends Make It A Happy World

Four paws bring in so much joy! It was a Tuesday evening. Aaliyah, Kong, and I were sitting on the couch and playing an online quiz game. We had to select the right answer in ten seconds. The last question was tough. Both of us were clueless and running out of time. Kong who was oblivious to all of this pressed option C on the mobile screen. Guess what? It was such a lucky press! We won!

We won some gift hampers and vouchers. And, Kong, our superstar got a belly rub from us! He also got his favorite side cushions that night!

Loyal, loving, and honest, Kong has been our best companion! He has made home a happy place. His ‘woofs’ always uplifts our spirits. His curious gaze brings back our lost innocence! The days when I get sick, he makes sure to stay beside me. Expressing his love, care, and concern in his language. Kong completes the family!

Every year on Eat Outside Day, all three of us usually go out for brunch to our favorite pet-friendly café. We have a great time and make sure Kong is dressed in his favorite blue dungaree. This year we can’t be owing to the pandemic scenario. So we are making it special for him at home on this Dog Day!

A grand celebration awaits for him! We are going to give him a spa followed by his favorite lunch comprising of baby carrots with cheese and salmon. He will be posing and Aaliyah will be sketching his portrait. She had sketched one when he was three years old. Whenever we show him the old sketch and ask, “Kong, who is this?” He jumps and wags his tail. Now it was time for another one!

Our furry friends are a gift on earth. Whether it’s going around the house and helping us with daily chores or being the partner for morning walks or simply being our side, dogs are rightly called a man’s best friend! Their love and innocence add color amidst the daily humdrum of life. They make the world a happy and better place to live in.

Let me know how you wish to celebrate this Dog Day with your pooch!

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