Finding ‘The One’ Is Such A Blessing!

When was the last time you held your partner’s hand to let her know how special she is to you?  When was the last time you went out of the way to get a smile on his face? When was the last time you kept all your work aside to prepare the Sunday brunch together? When was the last time you sang his favorite song? Ever asked yourself how long has it been?

Romance Awareness month it is! Falling in love with Aaliyah has been the best feeling ever. I remember how we used to schedule our days to meet each other. I remember how painful it used to get when we had to part ways and get back home. I was lost in her voice and thoughts. Nights got sleepless! With every ticking of the clock, the joy of seeing her again got closer!

This one time we had not met for weeks due to my work trip and her vacation. I remember how we had scheduled our flights in order to see each other for ten minutes at one of the lounges in the airport and then catch our respective flights again. Things we do for love!

Both of us have been together through thick and thin. I am also going to thank her on this Thank You Day for bearing with all my tantrums when I am not in a good headspace. She has been the most loving partner one could ever ask for!

We have both cared for each other’s happiness above our own. The adjustments and compromises that we have made so far have always been for the greater good as it was no longer about ‘me’ but ‘us’.

I am planning on making this Sunday very special for her. I want to express how lucky I am! Starting from her favorite breakfast to her favorite movies, I’ll make sure she has the smile on her face throughout. I am going to decorate our living room with colorful lights, her favorite colored cushions, and scented candles. I will set up a romantic ambiance for my lady love!

I am also going to try my hands on baking the red velvet cake for the first time. I am not sure if it will taste good but I know she would happily savor it saying, “Bob, it is the best red velvet cake I have ever had!” Praising and loving my efforts more than the outcome like every time.

Finding true love is a blessing in itself! I was glad that I had found ‘the one’ and never let her go once I realized!

Have you found your love? If yes, share your love story and let me know how you are planning to celebrate this Romance Awareness month with your beloved!

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