Hug, Kiss And Make Up: The Sweetheart Rhythm!

A hug is all you need sometimes.

Hugs are the best remedy to any quarrel; the warm and loving embrace envelops you. The feelings of love and grace come swooping back to cure any negative energy. Collect the sentiments of those happy feelings and celebrate Hug Your Sweetheart Day this week, on August 23. No better reason to give a hug that says how much you love a person.

Showing passion for another person can be contagious; the happiness you preach can be carried on to the people around you. Let your positive energy waft around you; fill your heart up with love and devotion!

Sometimes the day-to-day grind can make a person lose sight on what’s important. Misunderstandings happen, don’t let them ruin a beautiful relationship. Celebrate Kiss And Makeup Day on August 25. Learn to let minor things go, the days are too short to be upset. Send a card, let the steam roll on over.

While we are at it, the whole entire month of August is Romance Awareness Month. Let the light shine down on your romance, your love is one of the most important things. Nurture the nest, care for the people you love. Keep that fire burning close and tight.

Hug it out, Kiss and Makeup, let your romance shine, all these words reflect on caring this week. The key to happiness is letting everyone know you love him or her. Send any kind of card to make sure they hear the words you want to say. Celebrate the love!

Hug Month
Aug 1- Aug 31, 2014

Send Hug Month Ecard!
Send Hug Month Ecard!

Kiss And Make Up Day
Aug 25, 2014

Send Kiss And Make Up Day  Ecard!
Send Kiss And Make Up Day Ecard!

Romance Awareness Month
Aug 1- Aug 31, 2014

Send Romance Awareness Month  Ecard!
SendRomance Awareness Month Ecard!

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