Hug Month, True Love Forever Day And Friendship Week!

This entire month of August is Hug Month. Embrace the people you care about! Send them a card to touch on all the wonderful things you appreciate about them. Send a cute bear card with wide stretched out arms for long distance hugs. Celebrate the magic of being deeply in love; hug it out for just an extra moment longer. That extra moment will make you instantly happier.

I know my favorite part of the day is a welcome home hug from my dog Kong, such a loving furry fella he is.

On the horizon we see the middle of month has something spectacular to offer. True Love Forever Day falls in on August 16, but feels like it lasts a lifetime. Make the day magical and send your sweetheart a card that says you’re thinking of them on this day of love.

A special picture card can say a thousand words more than just a text message. Get creative and unique, surprise your special someone with something out of the ordinary this week.

Friendship Week follows suit to play out on August 17 and what better way to commemorate your life long cherished bonds with a person than to tell them just that, in a note. It’s the perfect week to make our best friends feel special to be in our lives and the best way to let someone know we enjoy their presence.

Take your words or pictures to the next level, and send a card to keep the memories alive!

Hug Month
Aug 1- Aug 31, 2014

Send Hug Month Ecard!
Send Hug Month Ecard!

True Love Forever Day
Aug 16, 2014

Send True Love Forever Day Ecard!
Send True Love Forever Day Ecard!

Friendship Week
Aug 17- Aug 23, 2014

Send Friendship Week Ecard!
Send Friendship Week Ecard!

One thought on “Hug Month, True Love Forever Day And Friendship Week!

  1. B., Dogs understand love and loyalty. They enjoy the simple things in life. A walk, a Frisbee throw, a bone, a ball, a secret nap on the sofa, a car ride and hugs from their human friends. Could you hug Kong for me? Tell him I hope to meet him some day. He sounds so precious.
    sending a hug to you, too, for this sweet newsletter. L.

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