Just Because It Doesn’t Sound Pleasant, Don’t Misinterpret!

The people with whom we spend our time play an important role in our lives. Our close-knit gang should be the ones who help us to grow every day. They bring out the best in us. Especially our partners – they have a huge responsibility and help us to be wiser each day! But for that, we should not take things in the wrong light like how my friend Adrian was doing.

Last evening I got a call from Adrian. His voice felt a little unsettled. “What’s the matter? Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, all fine. It’s just that I don’t understand why May is never happy with my work. Not that she doesn’t praise me, but she wants things to be better. I mean why?” He said.

“Does she do that always?” I asked. “No but sometimes. She feels I can get better at certain household chores and other tasks but apparently I don’t put in enough effort. Or maybe miss giving the finishing touch at the end of the job! At least that’s what she says,” He replied.

“Adrian, don’t get irritated and take things the wrong way! She tells you because she is aware of your potential. She is just a mirror to you with all her honesty so that you get better at things. She wants you to grow both at personal and professional levels,” I replied.

“But is it that necessary?” He asked.

“Of course! Who else will tell you besides your loved ones? The people who love you and care for your personal growth will have to play the role of both cheerleader and critic. Only then we can push ourselves out of our comfort zone and expand,” I said.

There was silence for a moment. “You are right, Bob. She tried explaining to me the same thing but I refused to understand. And, I also know every time I listened to her, I honestly did well!” He said.

“See, you already know! Now go and sort things out with some nice exquisite chocolates. It’s the Chocolate Lover’s month and we both know how much she loves chocolates!” I said.

“Yes, thank you, Bob. Now let me melt the heart of my lady love!” Saying this he hung up.

Never misinterpret the words of your loved ones just because it doesn’t feel pleasing to the ears. They speak the truth which may not be pleasant always. However, in the long run, it will help you to improve. They do it for the best of your interest. So, be sporting and be ready to listen and grow!

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