Distance Will Mean Nothing!

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Infused with this lovely feeling in this month of love, I can see so many couples around. I was having breakfast at a cafe today when my phone rang. It was Emily!

“Hey, Emi! Finally, got time to call your Uncle Bob? Tell me what now! Where are you stuck?” I asked.

She laughed. “You know me too well! Honestly, at this moment I had to talk with you. I’m in a dilemma!” She expressed.

“Tell me, I’m all ears!” I replied.

“So, it has been around six months since I’m seeing a guy. We both like each other. All is going well so far but last week he got a job. He has to move out of the city. Now, I don’t know if we should do long distance relationship. I’m hesitant!” She said.

“Do you genuinely like him?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. We feel strongly for each other!” She replied.

“Then go for it! Of course, there will be challenges but that will help you to grow and make things stronger. You both will fight against the odds to just make things work out. This way you both will know if it’s worth it!” I suggested.

“Never let a person go if you feel confident. And, when in love – distance will mean nothing. All the external factors will align in your favor if you both make the effort!” I said.

“Thank you so much, Uncle Bob! This made things so clear,” She replied.

“I am glad! Now have fun, romance, and make things work, you both!” I said. “We will!” She said and then we hung up.

It’s not every day that you fall in love so when you do, know that it’s special. The external scenarios and challenges are not in our control. Long distance is tough but not impossible. If you work at it together with sheer dedication and commitment – nothing can come in the way! And then you will see, distance will mean nothing!

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